Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



The tale of Wyatt Storey’s career would begin with races like the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship, last March. Still relatively new to the national scene, he showed absolutely no fear when presenting his efforts for the entirety of the crowd to see. Sitting on the line, his stallion of a machine appeared raring to go; his tired tread imprinting a daunting stature in the loam beneath him. It was then, that he watched the referee patiently; waiting for the personnel to signal “a green light” for all on the line beside him. One by one, they launched forward from a horizontal grid; each machine, dumping the clutch and simultaneously twisting the throttle. And at this point, Storey would craft an illustrious run through the bundle of trees and green infield, that resided amongst the Underground layout. Nearly clipping numerous markers as he tracked down fellow members of the pack, he could see his mechanic staying alongside the banners; waving him on with enthusiasm and radiant positivity. He knew, at this point, that he was capable of generating strong finishes; as long as a little bit of luck and abundant opportunity, fell in his favor. Putting his frame into the respective starting groove, he would click into second gear after placing his goggles on the shell of his helmet. The clutch at the point was engaged; a mere two fingers pulling the trigger a mere half-inch from the handlebar. Looking down, at this point, the moment he saw the slightest wince; the lever would be released, and off into the wild he would go. It was here, during that noted scenario, that Storey exclaimed his presence with an exceptional lead. Throwing down the fastest lap-time on circuit number three, it was only Ethan Commodore who was remotely close to him. The gap he created, would grow exponentially; nearly doubling every lap, to a point that absolutely no-one in the field behind could contain. And as you may have guessed, he crossed the finish line superbly; knowing that he advocated his true potential at just the right time. To begin the next moto, meanwhile, Storey would imitate the quest in second; before a small mistake, would push him to the territory of fifth. And despite finishing a little less than desired, he still would acquire a noteworthy podium overall performance; making his efforts on the national scale, actualized to a third-place residency. Desiring to accrue an even stronger finish in 2021, Storey’s tireless work ethic will be guaranteed to reap “big” rewards, when the event at Underground takes place, this coming March.