Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Although a bit older than many of his fellow attendees of the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship, Assemany’s veteran-like demeanor was apparent from the moment he rolled onto the track for practice. Letting the majority of the field go, throughout the early stages, he took a significant portion of qualification to become acclimated to the nuances of the facility; seeing where lines were already emerging and where racer’s repeatedly charged. Toying with a multitude of combinations, his lines throughout the countless sweepers on the course, had him appearing rather unorthodox; but as his sensor was registered for timing and scoring, a translation of success most certainly appeared. Feathering the clutch and lugging the bike throughout the confines of third gear, put the swing-arm, shock, and linkage on a bit of an easy ride; helping savor his stamina, for when it was needed most. The number 196, wanted to make the trip from Michigan worthwhile; broadcasting his efforts throughout two classes, consisting of the Vet 35+ and Vet Open classes. And beginning with the latter, the idea of a top-five was certainly a task that could be accomplished; although dealing with Jeremia Yoder, Micah Cook, and Jeremy Parsons, wouldn’t be easy. The top three of the division meanwhile, were hard to deal with; with Matthew Kretzler and Max Friese, along with Taylor Burley, doing their best to venture away from his immediate realm. Yet, Assemany’s ability to withstand the pressure, had him equating to fourth not only once, but twice, throughout a ten-lap spread. Moving to an entirely different outing after the fact, the 35+ class had another member of competition looking to make his presence known; and he went by the name of Mark Waldele. Waldele pushed to the front of the first brigade, immediately; forcing Assemany to rise to the occasion. He would oblige, countering the Kawasaki with numerous movement patterns throughout the entirety of the moto. Having a rather stellar line, throughout the finish line rollers, would be in his favor; as he steadily pulled from Yoder (third), every time they passed by. Now taking second, his aspirations would enable him to do the same for the following round as well. Continuing to hold strong in the silver medal registry, once this particular checkered flag would be waved, he again would master the second place residency. And after finding an abundance of enjoyment at the event, he would decide the “SPRING A DING DING” championship for 2021, would be categorized under the label of, “must attend.”