Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Calling Colorado home, Taylor Burley was a rider all too familiar with the “Western” culture presented at the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING,” race. He’s from a residency where cowboys are “a dime a dozen,” growing up with ranches and prairies around him for the entirety of his childhood. Therefore, when rolling into town for this respective championship, Burley seemed to be well equipped with necessities to brave the wild; otherwise known, as the Underground MX Facility. Mongrels of all sizes, coyotes howling in the wind, and snakes slithering all over the track, presented numerous variables to this respective atmosphere that wasn’t too often found elsewhere on the amateur circuit. However, after fueling the tank and heading to staging for practice, numerous members in attendance understood just how well he could tame any beast that attempted to deter him. It was apparent with his demeanor, strolling his steed up and down the line for an optimal starting spot; mimicking a race-time dash to the first turn, seemingly with the drop of his cowboy hat. Unleashing numerous laps of expertise and tremendous circuitry, Burley felt as though he was ready to lunge for a ransom of podium contention, as the moto process was initiated. The Vet Open class had numerous riders looking to push him aside; including of Troy Assemany and Jeremia Yoder. And although the aforementioned KTM and Honda competitors had an abundant skill of their own, there wasn’t much they could do to block Burley from infiltrating the parameters of the top three. Once here, he would try his best to stay with Max Friese; as the duo vaulted forward toward the finish line. Doing this for the second moto as well, Burley would walk away from the confines of the Vet Open class, with a noteworthy three-three tab; indicating his rightful position, on the last step of the podium. And with the (25+) class on deck, Burley knew this respective endeavor would be just as strenuous; where Matthew Kretzler, would register as the man to beat. Hunting down the Kawasaki rider with nothing but scope and bag of ammunition, numerous shots would be fired in the vicinity of the number fifty-three. One round after another, the clips would empty; giving everyone on the outskirt of the track, a true battle and “shootout” on all portions of the racetrack. Doing what was necessary, once the checkered flag was waved, multiple second-place finishes, delegated him to a silver medal slot in the overall running order; as he left the facility, with anticipation, for what the 2021 platform would have in store.