Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



The well-known last name of Allred was, as you may have guessed, synonymous with success for the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship. And although Tayler accrued many accolades in that of the Women’s division in the past, she proclaimed she felt rather adventurous to begin her racing quest of 2020. Therefore, when heading to the sign-up booth at Underground, not only did she sign on the dotted line for that of the previously noted class, but the bundle of 250 Intermediate sectors as well. Her self-confidence, allowed her to leap into unknown territory; putting the height of her skillset, among some of the fastest riders at the event. The challenge excited her, motivating her to go that extra mile in practice. She was one of the first on the track for the “B” class division’s as well, carrying an image that blended right in with the pack. Jumping over many of the fellow guys in the class, it was apparent that many of her opponents were baffled by her speed. Yet, they had to grant her respect; otherwise, she would force them to oblige by either leaving them in the dust or putting them to the ground. Period. Her attitude of aggression allowed her to truly stay in control of the KTM chassis, for the likes of the first moto’s; tabbing a fifteenth and tenth respectively. Seemingly cranking up her intensity for the next go-around, not only would a spectacular ninth be generated in the last outing of 250 B; but, for the Limited class, never before seen speed would be engaged by the thirty-four machine. Starting off in eighth, she seemed to methodically work her way through the field; capitalizing on the mistakes of others, for instance, if they misjudged the length of an obstacle or over-shot a rut per se. Her quick-wittedness during the middle portion of the race, had her residing near the sixth place mark; as time winded down. White-knuckling the machine at times, she was doing all in her power to hold off some of the toughest competitors in the country; casting an all-out sprint to the finish line. And through admiral perseverance, heart, and tenacity, Allred was designated into the sixth spot with certainty; pushing her, to eighth overall. Up next, would be that of the Women’s division; and building off the reputation previously garnered, a championship was most certainly something she lobbied for. Her wish of a one-one performance would then come to fruition. Startling many others in the class with blistering poise and sprinting mechanics; hitting the checkered flag in stride, and adding yet another title to the family’s brand. Her path to success, then, couldn’t be blanketed; and the surfeit of her expertise is something that many foe will long for in 2021.