Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



As the territory of Utah grows more prominent in the overall motocross landscape, the state seems to be churning our riders periodically who demonstrate the ability to excel on the national scale. So too was the case of Tayce Morgan, a racer toggling between that of 50cc and 65cc machinery, looking to further his reputation to an even higher degree once all had concluded for the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” national. There was absolutely no hiding, or sense of deception, with how quick he was in practice; shooting to the top of the leaderboard rather quickly as the bundle of classes seemingly made their rounds. His name, highlighted in green, always seemed to be ascending; never once, dropping substantially with an outline of red. That mantra was reiterated for racing processes as well; where he would dabble into the top ten of multiple 65cc classes, on more than one occasion. The first moto of the (7-9) division, for instance, proved he was more than capable of contesting with elder statesmen; using the full-course of his transmission to its utmost notion while powering away from many riders behind. Settling into a realm of seventh, his actions would be mirrored meanwhile, in the following round of racing; yet this time, being unveiled in the Limited class. Putting together a string of admirable laps, not once would his focus lapse, despite being hounded from behind by a series of rampant riders. He never paid attention to how loud their engines roared; and as a result, would quantify his position as the excellency of sixth, when crossing the final stripe. Now, regarding the automatic transmission; Morgan would catch fire, seemingly having a streak of flame barrel out of his exhaust as he blitzed around the roughening Underground track. Rebounding after an eighth in moto number one (of the 51cc Open) class, his runner-up registry in moto two would equate him to a noteworthy fourth overall! The highlight of the week though was displayed under the implications of the 51cc (7-8) Limited class. Where he was simply on rails to begin this expenditure and would choreograph a performance to generate a finish of second in the first go-around. It was in moto two though, when the pressure had truly begun to amass, that he stepped up to the plate and excelled. Located in second for the initial portion of racing matter, he would make the move into first after a mistake from Colt Martin. Muscling the machine around in a tremendous manner, he gravitated toward the checkered flag with an abundance of professionalism; taking the win, and pumping his fist with immense enthusiasm. Now designated as champion (at both this event and numerous other stops on the national circuit), Morgan is excited to see what the future holds, as 2021 is now upon us.