Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



“The Slade” would enter into the premises of the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship, yearning to wow and amaze all of the in attendance; as he’d done, in numerous races of the past. Categorized as an “up and coming talent," Smith wanted to prolong that notion to an even further degree; pushing his skillset into view of the limelight, disregarding any form of disdain. Well, with his efforts in qualification, many in the industry knew that he was a betting favorite for positive results; with the thought of podium contention, being a very realistic concept. Influencing all of those on the fence-lines, when bypassed the finish line area. Keeping the motor revved to the highest degree, you could hear the intensity nearly blasting out of his exhaust; trying to sustain as much momentum as possible, before diving deep into these powder-ridden berms. Nodding his head to his mechanic when bypassing the respective crew area, Smith would acknowledge his team around the track as well; where they relayed to him, just how fast he was going. Once done with all of the practice matter, he was then funneled to his truck and trailer; refueling both bike and body before assembling at the starting gate. The heart rate had then calmed down, and he had a moment to gather his thoughts; he would then click his bike into gear, and make his presence known behind the gates. The spurs of his boots helped to entrench a nice rut behind the specific bracket; creating a small ravine, in which his steed could sit. As the engine would sound, one final belt of the motor would be cast, before sprinting with RPM away from his respective stall. The chassis would try to swap horizontally; but he was having none of it, bypassing any sort of negative implication, by focusing on the flag ahead that would wave. Launching into the left-hander just after the finish line, roost would be inflicted on the crowd surrounding the track, many of whom would duck their head in a sense of protection. The number 737, at this point, was well on his way to a positive finish of Open Pro Sport competition; where his speed and poise would combine, for a stellar fifth overall. For the 250 A class meanwhile, his quest amongst the smaller engine sizes was etched into fifth; a place of satisfaction, but a platform where he knew he could do more. And as fate would have it, he would manage to put his machine in front of Kaeden Kniffing once and for all; tallying fourth in the final go-around, and ending the weekend with a superb fourth overall. And toggling now, between numerous 2021 scenarios, one thing is for certain. Slade Smith’s effort and courageousness aboard the motorcycle will be showcased, regardless of which bracket he chooses to compete in.