Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Managing to trudge through the past few troublesome years, Kawasaki’s Seth Hammaker appeared as though he finally arrived on the right footing for that of 2020. The ultra-talented Pro-Am rider, came into the “SPRING A DING DING’ event, absolutely ready to unleash all effects of his containment over the past few years. Dealing with injuries and setbacks of all kinds, only fueled him more for a triumphant return; nearly toppling much of the adjourning crowd, just with the amount of confidence he carried when strolling around the “SPRING A DING DING” pit area. It would translate into an absolute slaughtering of both track and competition for practice; decimating berms, rollers, and jumping obstacles of all kinds. His annihilation would lead to arguably the fastest times of the weekend; yielding to absolutely nothing that stood in his way, before embarking on a few specific classes when racing matters would commence. Open Pro Sport, was declared the first division on the docket; and despite having numerous five-star prospects attempting to surround him, Hammaker would pay them no attention. Instead, he would react to the dropping of the gate with a blistering reaction time, only clutching the machine when needed. And through the process of speed-shifting, the number 510 Kawasaki would leap into the uncharted frontier; blasting toward the symbolic green flag with a pertinent agenda. Throwing stylish whips over the various step-up obstacles if you will, Seth would subtly glance over his shoulder in the meantime; checking to see if any opponent had crept near his immediate proximity. Not in the slightest, he would find, and once back to earth, the throttle would again be viscously cranked. Winning both of the race’s in this class by a rather large amount, the Pennsylvania prospect knew that his momentum would then translate to that of the 250 A class. With each member of this respective division now on equal machinery, Seth could simulate to a degree, what it would feel like to etch into the label of professionalism. As his goal would be to attain Supercross and professional Outdoor experience, sooner rather than later. Quieting the naysayers yet again, he would lead every lap of both moto’s, despite variables of both deterring track conditions and changes in atmospheric conditions occurring. The number 510 seemed overwhelmed with emotion and joy upon walking away from the winner’s circle; feeling as though a tremendous weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. And at this point, inking his signature with the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team, Hammaker appears fit for the job, regarding exploding onto the AMA Professional Supercross circuit.