Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Widely known throughout the amateur motocross scene, as one of the hottest prospects of current mini-cycle categorization. His ability to adapt and conform to various tracks on the national circuit is nothing less than astonishing. Whether it’s changing his style from West Coast terrain, to flying in the sands of Florida; or volleying between wide-open surfaces of events such as Mammoth, while still staying keen on the technicality of Supercross. Dennis can simply, do it all. And it’s why he’s earned such a spotlight, and “buzz” if you will, throughout both social and print media. Dennis’ image seems to be plastered everywhere, infiltrating the minds of many that sought opposition. At that point, just before the practice was set to get underway, (at the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship) he and his team huddled together in collaboration; devising a plan, to obtain as many strong finishes as possible. Whether it be by venturing into uncharted pathways, launching lucrative jumps that no-one else would dare try, or outlasting competitors with sheer stamina, Dennis felt overly prepared to accomplish the task at hand. And following the significance of his practice episode, the matters of racing would be just around the corner; where he looked to strike first, in the 65cc (10-11) class. Beginning the two-moto format with an outright win, a seventh-place, following a brief hiccup, would be turned in for all to see. Still setting the fastest lap-time in the process, the fourth overall was something of note. In the 85cc (9-11) Limited class, he stepped up to the plate in courageous fashion; rattling off not one, but two “top three’s” throughout the championship. Netting a second in the newfound territory, his confidence would be overflowing by the time he went to the 65cc Open (7-11) class. Illustrating race-craft few could ever replicate, a notable win would be churned out throughout the roughly ten-minute moto; showcasing his ability to sustain speed over a specified time limit. Therefore, all that was left, was the second half of the class; where many in his immediate radius attempted to derail him from moving forward. He was having nothing of the sort, and despite a track that appeared to stand in dismay, he would continue to provide nothing but the strongest of lap-times in front of all in attendance. Holding off Canyon Richards throughout five laps, Dennis would then lock-in a title before leaving the premises once and for all. Stringy together one victory after another, the overflow of excellence has created a surplus migrating into the new year. Who can stop it? Will any have the power to revert his dominance when the “SPRING A DING DING” championship comes to fruition, yet again? Only time will tell...