Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Migrating through the desert of Arizona, Holtorf and the surrounding team looked to tackle the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship with utter tenacity. Running both local and regional races in the past, his desires to escalate to the national scale had now come to actuality; as this prestigious event at Underground took place in the South-Central area, yet brought tremendous talent to this particular part of the country. Once upon the motorcycle, he shifted into second gear, cruising to the starting area and waiting for the signal to be warranted. Enacted with a sound of a flair, all bets were on as he then transformed into a pure tunnel-vision mentality; focusing on only the ground in front of him, and nothing else. Scrubbing over multiple ant-hills, you could see his inside foot-peg nearly dragging up the face of numerous take-offs; reiterating just how much, each millisecond mattered. These instances of portrayal were indicators of just how badly he wanted to succeed. And in that regard, energy would be saved, be unleashed for the races to come. Matters would begin in the 250 C Jr (12-17) LTD class; where a third-place finish, was earned in front of hundreds of fans watching with great intent. They kept an eye on his name and number, knowing that he was a legitimate player for strong overall contention. In the moto to follow, he did his best to avoid legitimate troublesome mistakes; fighting for every piece of track he could muster, placed in sixth as all was said and done. Moving to the 250 C Limited class next, once again, a notable finish would arise following the stint labeled “moto one.” Putting together an abundance of mistake-free laps, his result for this particular moto would equate to second. In the following race, he held down the matter of second for quite some time; before a costly mistake would descend him to eighth in the registry of timing and scoring. Locked-in to fifth overall, he could see that a daunting platform would be his for the taking, in the 250 “C” class. Holtorf’s second-place finish in the first bout, was nothing out of the ordinary; yet the question was, could he duplicate the score in the following round of the competition. And in this particular instance, he could, holding onto the runner-up position for quite some time; and third, as all would subside. Leaving this Texas staple with three separate top-ten finishes, you could sense that he felt more comfortable on the bike as the summer began. Qualifying for Loretta Lynn’s, it’s as though 2021 is indicative of new territory and a leap of faith, plunging into the unknown, with a fearless twisting of the throttle.