Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



When scanning through the bundle of names throughout the 65cc itinerary, there were a few riders that stood out amongst the myriad of competitors listed. One of the outlying members, almost written in bold if you will, was that of Ryder Ellis. The North Fork, California native had been a staple on the national circuit; looking to continue that rigorous trend throughout the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship. The Kawasaki rider would assimilate his thoughts, before heading out into the lonesome prairie of this Texas track; glazed by dozer tread, just waiting to be decimated by the chassis of his 65cc machine. Immediately shifting through the gearbox, he would feather the clutch when necessary; loading up RPM before annihilating respective berms that had been previously erected. He displayed an onslaught of substantial times, carrying a wave of confidence when he pushed his bike to the gate for the 65cc Open (7-11) class. Beginning the riot in a rather strong position, he began to plunge into the fray of chaos with a pinned-throttle mentality; disregarding anyone who was in his way, and making forceful passes when necessary. Creating a result for the first showing of race-craft, his numerical placement would be granted to a seventh. Next to come, was the second round of action; where a top ten overall was most certainly within an arm’s reach as the clock dwindled. Blasting through the latter laps of the moto, a ninth would be cemented; equating to an illustrious sixth overall. Moving forward from that point, the 65cc (7-9) class was one of abundant opportunity. The number 877 would immediately submerge his name in the depths of the top three, battling with Darren Pine and Wyatt Thurman. Holding strong for the Team Green squad, he would set the fastest lap on circuit number three; nearly rubbing plastic with that of Pine in the process. Residing in second once the final flag would wave, he looked to duplicate the effort in the following race as well. The track had now become grotesque; with Mother Nature running her course throughout the latter part of the weekend. He remained diligent, wiping away any sort of blurred vision, focusing on the path forward instead. The thought of attrition was what propelled him forward; taking second at the line, and a runner-up overall. Up next, was the 65cc (7-9) Limited class; where an immaculate second-place run was again bestowed to him, to initiate the entirety of the championship quest. However, where others would falter once the track began to erode, he would stand tall. Hunkered down in second, his consistency would lend him well; remaining upfront and upright, while others would differentiate their results all over the board. The two-two tab for this instance was enough for championship earning. He wouldn’t stop here though, pummeling competition at events scattered throughout the year, building a pedigree that many marveled over. Now, as we begin the new year, Ellis has forced each opposing racer to oblige to his speed; otherwise, they’ll simply be left behind.