Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Ryder “D” returned to retain the throne at last year’s “SPRING A DING DING” event; where immense competition attempted to deter him with all of their might. This championship in 2020, was a start of a new year for many; and Ryder yearned to establish a tone unlike ever before. From the moment his wheels spun within this Texas loam, the integrity of his athletic mindset would be shown; hitting every inch of this track with all of the speed his Kawasaki machine could muster. That aura would then roll into that of the racing format; where he entered a multitude of classes, attempting to garner as many championships as possible, before exiting the event and heading back to California. For starters, he would begin in the Schoolboy 1 class; racing against older competition, and in a bracket that wasn’t of familiarity to him. Yet, rather than shy away to the newfound variables, he would immerse the Kawasaki in the toughest of elements; reflecting roost from every which way, as he bee-lined to the front of the pack. Steadily inside the top five, the number twenty-three could be found finishing the first race of the series in fourth; looking to display speed such as this, in the hours to follow. That idea would turn into reality, pushing the envelope to an even further degree; putting his rightful Kawasaki, just in front of teammate Gavin Towers by the time matters would conclude. It was in Supermini 2 though, that his ways of winning would begin to unravel; where a second place in moto number one, would light the fire in ways that were considered unforeseen in the moments prior. Coming out of the gates swinging to take this respective course, he would surpass that of Evan Ferry and never look back; generating a two-one tally, equating to a championship once all was said and done. Still, he yearned for a dominating sweep of the field; hoping to dismantle the competition, where all in the pack behind were forced to oblige to his reign. Much was the case in the first moto of Supermini 1, where he moved into the lead, never once checking to see who was in his rearview. Throwing astronomical whips over the myriad of step-ups, you could sense that he was on “cloud nine” when rolling through the finish line section to take the checkered flag. He seemed tremendously comfortable hitting all parts of the track with daunting speed and would create a pattern of reflection for the following moto as well. Taking yet another win, Ryder would leave the territory of Texas with two championships in his hand, creating a flow that couldn’t be replicated for the rest of the year. Now, the 23 machine continues his hunt for declarative title exclamation, doing so aboard the 250F, and all too familiar Kawasaki brand.