Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Yet another rider bursting onto the rampant Oklahoma scene, Robert Soucy showcased in 2020, that he’s ready and capable of taking his riding to a new level. The number 316’s precedent has only grown stronger with each passing weekend; striking fear into the minds of many as his speed flourishes exponentially. He would carry that same designation for the round of racing here at the Underground MX Facility; home to none other than, the “SPRING A DING DING” championship. Although just a short drive away from his native home base in the aforementioned Oklahoma, Soucy understood that this event would bring a surplus of national-level talent. Therefore, he brought his “A” game to the likes of practice and beyond; daring anyone in his respective classes to try and throw him off rhythm. Practice would be a display of numerous tactics he’d been working on; especially, that of creative line choice. Almost railing specific berms from one side to the next, he was dodging much of the abundant chop that began to form instantly; saving energy, in preparation for these strenuous moto’s that were on the horizon. Shortly thereafter, he would settle into the gate for the 85cc (9-12) modified class; where riders with vastly more experience would attempt to suffocate his speed with their outright abilities. Soucy was having none of it though, sprinting from behind the gates, and immediately battling for position amongst the nation’s best. Doing what was necessary to finish in strong regard, his totality of the two races would place him in twelfth overall; putting a surplus of attention on his respective camp. For the 85cc “C” class though, was where his skillset would truly flourish. Cementing himself into third in the early going, he allowed absolutely no-one to push their way by; holding onto the last spot on the podium with dignity and pride. No matter how close the competition would get when venturing eerily close to his rear fender, Soucy projected forward; symbolizing his will to win, even with opponents this fierce. Finishing third, this particular episode was just a predecessor for what was about to take place. Hole-shotting and developing an early lead was necessary, especially with Ethan Commodore hot on his heels. One circuit after another, the tandem would sprint away from the field; justifying their notion of being labeled “contenders.” He remained diligent, never faltering to the storm brewing behind him. And rather than seeking shelter, instead, he lunged for the win. Grabbing the checkered flag with a strenuous clinch, riding off into the Texas sunset with a title to call his own...yearning to clench with the same enthusiasm, this March, for the ascending “SPRING A DING DING” event yet again.