Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



A Yamaha machinist through and through, Rian McDaniel would venture to that of Underground, in 2020, hoping to make a significant wave throughout the 50cc classes. The number 711 Yamaha rider had built quite the reputation within the state, over the past couple of months. Yet, he hoped to turn the page into new territory; an untapped persona if you will, displaying speed and style like never before. Flipping the “switch” just before practice, absolute fearlessness would be portrayed when he first strapped on his helmet. A pat on the back from his mechanic would deem that matters were now to be taken care of on the race-track; where he, his steed, and the wide-open frontier would then mesh. Continuing to heighten his skillset to a daunting degree, he would be proceeded around the track by a surplus of applause. The sight of his family and friends cheering him on is what powered him to unprecedented times on the scoring sheet; faring him supremely well, before the first gate would fall. For the (4-6) Special Limited division, he understood that the competition around him would be fierce; therefore he would generate an innate burst of craft and quick-wittedness when vaulting around the particular straightaway(s). Taking lines that were unbeknownst to many, would categorize him with certainty inside the top ten; as appeared to hold down the ninth-place position, on the final lap of competition. And the aforementioned would be the case, holding onto the single-digit finish, as he headed into moto number two. Similar at that point, in the sense of his pace, he would linger around the latter half of the top ten for the longevity of the race. The conditions had become grotesque, with numerous variables making the track quite the mess; yet, he kept the power to the ground in outstanding fashion, generating another ninth at this point as well. For the Shaft Drive Limited class meanwhile, things would begin to click, per se. Excellent starts, coupled with staying rather mistake-free, equated to noteworthy finishes by the time the checkered flag would conclude matters. Filled amongst a sea of mostly Yamaha combatants, it was hard for many in the crowd to differentiate as to just who their rider was. Not for those in the McDaniel camp, who could spot their young Rian from a mile away. Building off a superb second place garnered in moto number one, he would take the lead for a significant portion of time in the latter race. Battling with Anderson Waldele for the time shortly thereafter, he would reside second as the engines would slowly come to a halt. A two-two tally here granted him runner-up overall; which, at an event of this magnitude, was something to be extremely excited about. The precedent of his “SPRING A DING DING” conclusion, will undoubtedly spur a streak of succession, as he combats opposing forces in the realm of 2021.