Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



After quite the hiatus over the past few years, Thrasher was dead set on returning to his pattern of success for that of 2020. An absolute assassin aboard the KTM 85cc machine in the past, Nate had then taken his efforts to the intermediate divisions; dispersing them across both 250 and 450 categories, hoping to accumulate as many strong finishes as possible. And upon arrival that of the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship, the Tennessee native appeared rather calm and at peace with his current residency in the sport. He knew setbacks were a part of the game; only making that of a return, that much more exciting and exhilarating. He yearned to demonstrate the same stealth-like character of year’s past, and almost instantaneously showcased why he’s considered one of the best in his age bracket. Leaping over numerous singles, dragon’s backs, and double jumps alike, Thrasher could be labeled as a stylistic combatant when sleekly moving around this respective Texas transit. It made him become immersed with confidence and poise; two attributes he carried to the line, ready to be unleashed on the surrounding pack that attempted to swarm him. His first division to tackle was that of the 450 B class; where an excellent transition to the realm of larger machinery would put him into a credible third-place spot. Backing the performance up with a bundle of reassurance, a fifth in the second outing would merge the two individual numerals; creating an overall fifth as well. Next to come, were that of both Schoolboy 2 and 250 B divisions; arguably two of the fastest classes on the rider, unanimously agreed upon. Thrasher, reverting to his foundational practices, excelled with every fiber of his being throughout four separate races. Toe to toe with the likes of Chance Hymas, Levi Kitchen, and Hunter Yoder meant that nearly every manufacturer was represented in the confines of the top ten. And he felt honored, to wave the flag high and wide for the Orange Brigade. Combining both first and second moto placements for a tally of two and three, two bronze medals would then be bestowed to his possession. And it wasn’t necessarily the overall placement that filled him with enthusiasm. It was the fact of, he’d risen to a prominent point yet again in his career, and most definitely appeared to be on the right track, regarding chasing his dreams of professionalism. And it’s now as though, Thrasher has climbed to a point higher than ever; becoming a team member of the Star Racing Yamaha squad, and prospering while on the AMA Professional circuit. 2021 is guaranteed, to be a year of exceeding expectations for the Tennessee native.