Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



The maniacal riding style of Mikayla Nielsen would once again pop-up on the radar of all in the industry, for this respective 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” event at Underground MX Facility. Her whereabouts in the off-season remained a bit of mystery to many of her familiar foes; as she appeared to lay dormant for quite some time, practicing in remote locations, and keeping the majority of her tactics relatively hidden from the general public. Ready to unveil the lucrative amount of tenacity in which she’s recently garnered, Nielsen came to the track here in Texas with an absolute outpouring of aggression. Deemed capable of accruing numerous podiums, Nielsen would yield to absolutely nothing throughout the likes of qualification; launching into the Texas skyline over the multitude of step-ups this premises had to offer. And her assembly of strong-circuits throughout the previously listed practice sessions would only make her more confident when strolling to the line for her first moto of competition. That designation would be broadcast under the banner entitled, “Women’s”; meaning, she was about to face some of her toughest trials of the 2020 season thus far. Different from most in that regard though, she would heighten her senses at the thought of fear; using her anxiousness, as fuel to penetrate the field even further! Rocketing out of the gate, she immediately blitzed around the treacherous track; clipping multiple yellow track markers in the process. The suspension would nearly bottom out, as she leaped off of numerous singles into a myriad of flat-land; causing a subtle thud to be felt, throughout the infield. The extra effort was most definitely worth it, as she tracked down that of Tayler Allred. Although unable to make a pass for the lead stick, her notable finish of second throughout the initial sequence would have her in good standing for the second battle royale. Yet again, it was she and Allred; one and two, storming through the ravine-ridden raceway. The ruts resembled noodles of pasta, spaghetti if you will, intertwined and flowing every which way; striking fear on sight, when many of the classmates would gaze toward a particular section. Not Nielsen though; as she simply floored the throttle to an even further extent, keeping her feet on the pegs, all the way to the finish line; registering second as a result. The Girls (11-16) division, would be almost a mirror image of what had transpired earlier; except this time, duking it out with Kyleigh Stallings. Despite holding onto the lead for several laps throughout moto one, Nielsen was forced to reside second; crafting the same result, again in the following round. Display characteristics of absolute consistency, Nielsen’s tandem of second place overall’s, were something to note as she exited the “SPRING A DING DING” championship. And with talks of the event being bigger and better than ever, those in her division can guarantee her skillset will only intensify as the gate rises again.