Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Yet another member of the Friese clan to continue to excel upon the motorcycle, one of the elder brothers of the family, Max, chose to compete at the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship, deep in the Texas territory. The drive from Missouri was one of excitement and enthusiasm, rekindling the days of his youth upon arrival at the entrance gates. Many would walk past his pit area, drawing the relationship between him and professional racer Vince; yet, Max was here to cast his own identity. And he would do so, by riding an entirely different brand than that of the MotoConcepts rider; putting his number seventy-one backgrounds on a Husqvarna machine. But there were similarities; as Max’s riding style was as tenacious and aggressive as they come. And although he wasn’t necessarily racing for a professional contract and the right to put food on the table, the man from Cape Girardeau wasn’t avoiding contact or close-quarter racing in any instance. Instead, welcoming the idea of battling for a respective spot, which could be found in the first moto of Vet Open competition. Having to deal with Matthew Kretzler, Friese's array of tricks would be enacted immediately; as he veered left and attempted to cut-off the flowing back from infiltrating his starting parameters. Weaving through sweeping bends of all kinds, he would lug the machine in a bit taller gear than usual; hoping to release a bit of tension off the chassis, while driving the suspension through the mountainous bumps that were beginning to form. One circuit after another, Friese’s diligence would aid him in solidifying the second place position once and for all; rolling through the finish line lane, before pushing his motorcycle through the pits. Looking to duplicate that notion in round number two, the episode was then set; ready to initiate the first take of “action” with the falling of the metal bracket. Once collapsed, his tire tread would spin until it struck mother earth once again; keeping the front end gliding throughout the toughest of terrain, while running just behind Kretzler. With consecutive circuits passing by, Friese felt capable of doing what he desired; and that was to walk away from the facility with a silver medal engraved to his resume. Pushing through the grotesque ruts on the final lap, he would relinquish his grip when passing the timing and scoring sensor to end the moto. Second place overall was his, and he seemed rather positive when getting back to the roots of why he started this sport. Fast-forwarding to our current year (2021), Friese again hopes to race the event, if the schedule allows. Putting the competition on high alert, as March moves closer.