Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Now venturing into the so-called “Vet Classes,” Missouri’s Matt Kretzler has been a long time player of the game we’ve all become immersed with over the years. The Kawasaki rider from Union, Missouri, had conducted a tried and true effort up until this point in time. The pattern of success, which he’s displayed on the national scale in previous bouts, is an algorithm that’s solved many riddles; and proceeded to work again, for the likes of the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” event at the Underground MX Facility. Looking to provide a significant effort to begin this respective quest, Kretzler would put on an admirable effort for qualification purposes; trying numerous combinations through the dozen of rollers that lined the track. Toying with a variance of outside and inside lanes, he visualized certain scenarios playing out before him; especially on the far-side straightaway, when many riders nearly screeched to a halt in the left-handed turn. Finding a groove of consistency, was something that Kretzler relished in; and looked forward to, when the field would amass for their loading of the gate in Vet Open. Pushing the pace immediately, he yearned to charge forward with one hundred percent effort; knowing that the faster he could get away from fellow Missouri native Max Friese, the better. His hopes would come to fruition, and after leading the entirety of the five-lap tenure, his desires were fulfilled with the attainment of the checkered flag. Much would be the same for the second bout, as Kretzler cast a lap-time nearly ten-seconds faster than anyone else on the track! There was no question as to who was the dominant force on the track was; making it a clean sweeping of the field, for that of Kretzler. Once one championship had been inherited, the craving for another would then ensue. Matthew would then find himself battling amongst riders like Taylor Burley in the 25(+) division. Yet, as the competition would migrate to more of a relative age bracket, so too would their accompanying speed. He knew he couldn’t wince in the slightest when contemplating cracking the throttle. Pushing the Kawasaki machine to its highest absolute capacity, throughout consecutive circuits. And as you may have guessed, his raw talent ordered another title in sequential order; walking away from this respective event, with two number one plates in hand. And at this point, although Kretzler isn’t sure of what 2021 will hold; you can best bet, that next time he’s behind the gate, he will most certainly demonstrate a full effort to win.