Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Looking to continue his era of prominence, Mark Fineis would attack the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship, as if it were a measly beginner circuit, with obstacles that even the newest of riders could conquer. And the aforementioned description of the track, couldn’t have been any further from the truth; as the technicality of this specific surface, was one that had even the fastest pro-am’s rattled a time or two. However, Mark’s ability to exemplify technicality, proved his worth to an even higher degree for this particular weekend in March; as his circuit times would entail some of the fastest segment portions anyone could ever imagine. Stoked with how well how easily he could tame the Underground course, he knew that he could replicate that same manner for the racing portion of things as well. Signing up for both Supermini division’s, his first attempt at a title run would be showcased in the Supermini 2 class; displaying an output, that few others could never imagine. Round and round the circuit the field went, hitting the various step-ups on the infield while throwing the bike sideways, Fineis’ jersey hanging in the wind. Once crashing back to mother earth, you could certainly see just how hard he was landing on the gas; providing a twisting of the throttle housing, that had the engine begging for mercy. Luckily, his chassis and source of power would hang-on; delivering him to the finish line with respectable sixth and fifth-place finishes, strong enough for fifth overall. It would then become time, to let things go; putting it all on the line for the Supermini 1 division. Generating a third to begin this respective run, he would hold that position until literally the last circuit. Evan Ferry, was the gentleman that stood in front of him, and he knew time was running out. Although Ferry had skill like few others in the class, Fineis believed there was a pass that could be made, when the time called for it. He would wait until mere corners were all that was left between him and the finish line. Leaping to another dimension once he made the move, he would hold on for dear life as he twists the throttle past the finish line stripe! Now knowing that second was for certain, a sigh of relief would take over him; relishing, in a rightful fifth overall. Looking to continue honing in on this particular genre of motorsport, watch for Fineis to come out stronger than ever in 2021; aboard a 125cc machine, looking to obliterate those in the Schoolboy, and (12-17) B/C divisions.