Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



With a last name that’s sure to be mispronounced a time or two, the number thirty-six of Luke Kalaitzian made the trek, (in March of 2020), to Texas from that of Sun Valley, California. Vowing to take an assassin's creed, regarding his vying for the lead, Luke was ready to put everything on the table to earn top-tier finishes. Even in practice, when no particular episode of speed was “mandatory,” Luke could still be found pushing a pace that few others could ever muster. Migrating further and further to the outside perimeter of the track, he would simply weight the back end with the majority of his body, keeping the front end afloat while twisting the throttle violently. The process, as dangerous as it might seem, would be of immense success for the Husqvarna rider; and he continued to reiterate that, throughout six separate races. Schoolboy 1 was the first endeavor in which he embarked, punching a ticket of “first-class” rather early; soaring away from the likes of Larry Reyes Jr., Ryder DiFrancesco, and Gage Stine. Doing what was needed, and trusting the process, he had only Talon Hawkins in front of him; hounding the number seventy-one until the very last lap. A critical move was then sustained; where Luke would take the lead, within seconds of the final flag! The moto win was huge and propelled him to a surplus of confidence from that moment forward. Battling throughout the next race, a top-six position looked to be well taken care of; until an unfortunate mistake, pushed him to thirteenth. Now positioned in seventh overall, the Schoolboy 2 class would then run its course. This was a place where both 125cc and 250F machines would merge; seeing who could propel their respective steel horse, around this choppy Underground circuit. His consistent antics were apparent, hitting the checkered flag not just once in sixth; but another time as well, merging toward fifth overall. His best cumulative outing was in the 125cc (12-17) class, however; where a (5-2) ballot of scores, translated into a solid fourth in the pecking order. Three classes entered, and three top ten’s earned, wasn’t too bad of a weekend when competing at this level...and shortly thereafter, the longevity of his podium tenure would be substantially lengthened. Dominant at Loretta Lynn’s, his transition into the “A” class certainly disgruntled those who opposed him. Yet they must become accustomed to the tenacity he presents, as his championship expertise isn’t going anywhere for 2021.