Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



The number 462 machine was at it yet again for the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship; combatting all naysayers and fellow rivals with authority, looking to set a daunting tone from this point forward regarding the present racing season. Strolling through the pits, the hooves of his KTM machine would slowly make their imprint on this lush Texas soil; creating a path from the pit area, to the starting gate, where many others would trail behind. Once bringing the motor to life, to initiate his practice rounds, Fauser was one of the few to take a few laps to scan the course; getting a feel for how the track was developing first-hand. As he mapped out a specific pathway, he showcased zero empathy to the riders around him; still treating them with proper etiquette, but disregarding any sense of roost he threw upon either their bike or body. His notion was to garner as many fast laps as possible, and the generation of times was rather successful in the grand scheme of the session. Transferring his efforts then to actual racing matters, he would begin the weekend in the Mini Sr. 1 class; putting his orange-hued machine inside the top ten, with a ninth in the opening segment Continuing to claw as time went on for moto number two, the summarization of his efforts would be represented with a superb seventh; giving him sixth overall with certainty. For the likes of the 85cc (9-13) open class meanwhile, a consistent slab of multiple sevenths announced his designation to an overall placement of sixth yet again; showing that his efforts of the first-class noted, weren’t an outlying factor. Though to be noted, his best finish would come in the 85cc (9-12) modified class; where an excellent run of second place, was the first score engraved on the stat sheet. Knowing good and well what was at stake, Falser hopped aboard his KTM one final time, and went into the shootout with “guns blazing.” Firing off immediate rounds, it would be he and Landen Gordon violently crashing in the middle section of track. Sweeping through the gradual bends with a slight tilting of the chassis, nothing could stop him from generating a significant power output. And that attitude alone would lend him well; pushing to not only a third for this particular episode but utter dominance throughout the conclusion of 2020. Go ahead and write his name down for a betting favorite in 2021, where a path to the top, has been carved with certainty.