Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Although his familiarity would come with that of sand tracks, and swamp-ridden lands, Logan Best’s skill set was one of true adaptation; as he could create a riding style, that was rather efficient, based on any soil composition the present track would provide. Much was the case at Underground MX, for the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” event; where a loamy base, when doused with moisture, would make a batch of ruts unforeseen by many. Although some deterred in speed, slowing down amid the chaotic straightaways and rutted turns; there were few elite riders, such as Logan Best, who tremendously excelled when the track began to decay. And it was apparent, throughout the tenure of the weekend; as matters were prolonged, the Yamaha rider continued to climb. His process of success would be immediately enacted; leading the wave of these pilots, as they braved into the unknown of uncharted territory for the likes of Mini Sr. 1. Taking a rightful moto victory, in front of a daunting competition level, wouldn’t be forgotten by anyone in attendance; and he coupled it, with another strong finish in the second bout of action, that of a fourth place. Once these two results were combined, a bronze medal was then draped around his neck; faring rather well in the grand scheme of the class, as a third overall position, wasn’t anything to be disgruntled about. Next up on the docket, was the 85cc (9-13) open class; a place where numerous riders of all ages, came to challenge one another and see who could reach the summit of the flag fastest. Best would come out blazing, fighting through all types of traffic, mayhem, and overall slew of congestion, to garner a fifth in the opening course of action. Coming back with a vengeance, he would escalate his pace substantially; hitting the braking bumps with an absolute dismantling of the throttle. Registering second, while blasting through the roller section one final time, the silver medal overall bracket would be his. However, the climactic moment of his weekend would be conveyed in that of the Mini Sr. 2 division; where an opening moto victory, had everyone in attendance cheering and on their feet. It would then become an imminent matter of “sealing the deal” per se; knowing he had to rise to the occasion. Pushing to fourth place on lap one, he understood that if he could stay within an arm’s reach of Haiden Deegan, the overall championship would be his. Lap after lap, he trailed the KTM; eventually migrating to a position of second. Once secured, a fist pump would most definitely be warranted; crossing the line, a designated champion, in the Mini Sr. 2 (13-15) class! Excited as one could imagine after this particular title run, you could believe that he wanted to acquire even more success, as the year carried on. One event after another, Best toppled the most star-studded riders from around the nation...thriving at the pinnacle of the sport. And although 2021 marks an entirely new year, you can guarantee that Best’s streak of victory will carry-on, even aboard the newfound 125cc machine (via the Schoolboy division’s).