Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Living in arguably the most popular destination for motocross rider’s on the planet, Florida’s Levi Wosick has continued to show promise through each passing year on the amateur circuit. It’s a testament to how hard he works, while he’s away from the national scene; grinding day-in, and day-out, on respective practice tracks in the area. The newfound speed was most definitely relevant when he tackled the circuit at Underground initially, for the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” event; visually, even to the naked eye, acting as one of the fastest riders on the track at all times. He looked to carry that momentum into numerous races as well, beginning with the 450 B outing; where a multitude of intermediate riders would attempt to contest and deter his desired outcome. Battling with the likes of Kimble Jett and Dylan Cunha amid the first moto, the three seem interlocked near the latter half of the top-ten as time went on. Scrubbing the various ant-hills and two-way moguls on the far side of the track, there were instances where their machines were nearly handlebar to handlebar. That didn’t slow down Wosick in the slightest though, who continued to keep Jett at bay while chasing down the Kawasaki rider. Settling in the ninth position, he yearned to display duplicate action for the next meeting of race-craft. Much was the same for the second portion of racing action, and the tenth place in this particular run-off would grant him with the tenth overall for this respective class. The Collegeboy brigade meanwhile, was simply an outpouring of his efforts; epitomizing the integrity of his race-craft, while looking for a path to the front of the field. He would forego working his way through the majority of the pack, immediately sprinting to a large degree, in hopes of sustaining a gap that couldn’t be topped. Holding down the lead for quite some time, an unfortunate mistake on lap three would deter him to a subsequent fifth. However, rather than dwindling in sorry, he would mount one last heralded comeback; taking fourth place in finality, as the race would be brought to a halt. Once the gate was loaded for the following round of action, Wosick felt capable of garnering a further position. He sat third, lurking behind John Citrola for quite some time. Pushing forward and around the Colorado native, the number residency would be grasped with a mere two laps to go. Penciled into third overall, Wosick could leave the championship, knowing he’d presented an abundance of effort and determination. Those characteristics allowed him to persist, even through the Coronavirus Pandemic. Now with a fresh start (via 2021), Wosick eyes the professional division, as his new home in the competitive sport of motocross.