Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Looking to take reign of the 50cc field, Levi Rains didn’t hesitate in the slightest when he was called to the line of duty at the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship. Although many familiar foes and even newfound rivals were waiting for him behind the starting gate, nothing seemed to waver his desire to succeed once saddling aboard the Cobra machine. Clearing out the exhaust before the inception of practice, you could see him clamping down on the handlebars with a ferocious intent; nearly leaping out of reach from the hands of his mechanic. Once initiated by the referee, it was a matter of “game-on.” He now was the hunter, stalking the prey throughout the tundra of this Texas prairie. Looking to feast too, once the horn had been sounded for that of the race’s as well, Rains’ crew waited on the fence-lines with an abundance of enthusiasm. Beginning with the “E-Bike Mini” class, a superb start to the moto had him hitting lines that no-one on the track could even fathom. Running near the border of the layout most often, had him missing the largest of braking bumps; keeping his efficiency on a rather keen note throughout the process of both races. Sporting a solid (3-6) tally, the fifth place he garnered would be just a starting point, on his streak of success from that point forward. Located once again, in that of the 50cc (4-6) Special Limited group, Rains would pursue nothing but the track ahead of him. Disregarding any member of the competition who attempted to derail him, Rains remained courageous as he flew over the largest of jumps on the track. Landing with the rear wheel gyrating, his miraculous feats would pay-off in the end; doing what was necessary to claim both a second in moto one and sixth in the second round of action. Now, with only one class remaining, the Special Limited division would be a place where he could let it all hang-out; initially doing so, with a spectacular ride of fourth in race number one. He would hold strong to begin the duplicate outing, although he would come under fire from Alan Scott for just a brief while. Maintaining his composure though, he pushed back around that of Scott on the final circuit; landing in third, with a daunting lap-time! Now placed into third overall, Rains was all smiles walking away from the facility. Third place on the national scale was truly something to be proud of...yet it would only be the start, of quite an amazing year. Marching through the likes of Loretta Lynn’s, his top-ten effort would propel him into an even higher skillset, as the 2021 “SPRING A DING DING” championship, looms in the foreground. Follow Rains and team closely, as they infiltrate podium boundary, no questions asked.