Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



With the name Levi steadily becoming more popular over the years, some time’s riders can be mistaken due to the commonality of their respective identity. And subsequently, they must do something to stand out, otherwise, riders can be lumped into a sum of mistaken personalities. However, for young men like Levi Leddy, they most certainly don’t have to worry about the previously noted circumstance; as with intangible attributes that make-up the skillset that Leddy has, the 50cc rider can never be mistaken. It’s hard to ignore the number forty-six flying all over a particular racing surface; never letting go of the throttle as he’s in pursuit of the checkered flag is thrown. Regardless of how strenuous the track, or stiff the competition, Leddy comes to the line looking to put his best effort forward for the world to see. Many of his opposition displayed immense reverence when he strolled to the line for the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship; letting their attention gaze into the direction of the number forty-six. And there he would sit, zooming-in on the first-turn; picking out his line, long before his machine ever got there. The process would work, as his number 469 Cobra blistered into the top ten to begin matters in the 51cc (4-6) Special Limited class. Fighting over every rightful position throughout these prolonged laps, his attrition was rather noteworthy; never once, following the rider in front of him. There were times, throughout the mid-portion of the circuit, where the mainline would have multiple riders within the groove at one time. Not Leddy though, as his boldness would be declared when ripping through the loftiness of the outside; holding the throttle wide-open the entire time. Doing enough to warrant seventh overall (via 6-7 scores), Levi felt more than prepared to begin matters in the 51cc (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited class. Now switching to the Yamaha brand, and to the number forty-six digit as well, Leddy’s capabilities on the PW50 would thrive; keeping the machine flying throughout the deepest of rollers on the track. Muscling the bike around with a strong riding style, he would pursue that of Rian Mcdaniel to the finish; hoping to replicate that performance, for the second race as well. Meanwhile, in the last moto of the weekend, he would have to begin the process from a distant seventh place. Yet lap after lap, he made his presence known; digging into this Texas loam, enough to pass three riders before the checkered flag! Listed third overall on the results spreadsheet, Leddy’s esteem and ability to persevere will transcend his talent, well into the 2021 event at Underground.