Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Slaving over the stove-top yet again, Levi Kitchen was churning a fierce blend of podiums and victories while attending the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship. Armed with utensils and spices of all kind, he yearned to engulf the competition with an abundance of flame; putting an everlasting stench of heat on the track of Underground, and forcing those who couldn’t withstand, to politely exit the raceway. The number 147 Yamaha was all business, “scrubbing” pots, pans, and the occasional step-up jump with all of his might; making sure that his lap-time sheet stayed relatively clean and consistent atop the leaderboard. Once the dinner table had been set, simultaneously as practice concluded, he went to work on devouring the meal in which he crafted; that of the intermediate ranks. The first course on the menu of classes was that of 250 B; arguably the toughest portion of meat to cut through. Beginning this expenditure in fourth, he thoroughly sliced through the tender portion of the field; gnawing until he reached the ripest of ends, awaiting him at the finish line. And although he registered third, he looked to tackle even that of a bigger predator, in moto number two. Being the carnivore that he is, Kitchen would slay the second coming with dismay; showing no mercy to absolutely anyone else at the dinner table around him. Regardless of names like Thrasher, Amerine, or Hymas, Kitchen would pay no bit of attention to anyone else attempting to take the relic in which he desired. Ending this moto on a high note, he concluded this division with a win; strong enough, for second overall. From that point forward though, Kitchen would show nothing but absolute certainty; dominating from start to finish, each time his locomotive hit the race track. Wiping the plate clean on several occasions, Levi would feast on the idea of second helpings and dessert; topping off tenure at the table, with two titles bestowed to his name. And with winning both the 450 B, and 250 B Limited classes as well, came immense notoriety; and rightfully so. Social media accounts began to flash with popularity, sponsor’s notifying him of their congratulatory praise...and that process would be a topic of conversation, for all in the industry. Shortly thereafter, Kitchen would leap into truly elite territory. Star Racing Yamaha would knock upon his door, seeking a partnership between the two entities, coming to an agreement in the final hours of 2020. Riding Supercross and in discussion of transitioning to that particular platform, Kitchen appears to be the furthest-surging rider of the amateur class; excited as one can imagine, to capture his dream of becoming an “SX” champion.