Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Texas’ own Larry Reyes Jr., has been on an absolute tear since attending the “SPRING A DING DING” race last year. Generating a following that few have amassed, the notoriety which he’s garnered by both competition and industry members is truly exceptional. How’s he doing that you ask? By accruing significant results, at every amateur national event in which he participates. Regardless of the venue, Larry brings a multitude of skills to the race-track; finding a way to succeed, no matter what the particular weekend throws at him. Much was the case at Underground MX; home of the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship, where Reyes would enter every Schoolboy class possible. Hoping to walk away, with a heap of spectacular accolades. That would be much the case, hovering just near the top ten of the Schoolboy 2 overall scoring system, while looking forward to the 2-stroke divisions. The 125cc (12-17) B/C class was first to be initiated, and he felt compelled to portray his best effort, throughout the loamy soil of Underground. Wheel-tapping over the dragon’s back, you could hear the prominent echo of his Yamaha exhaust ripple throughout the facility; indicating just how hard he was pushing. Hurling his identity across the line for seventh, that matter would again be duplicated for the second coming; which would equate to eighth overall, once the scores were tallied. The Schoolboy 1 class, however, was a place where his aptitude on the bike would flourish; scoring a significant fifth place, in the opening round of the match. Once the bell would ring for the final portion of the fight, however, Reyes got off the stool with enthusiasm, and began to swing for the fences; cracking his opponents with fierce uppercut’s and head kicking combinations. A plethora of wise line selection would ensue; where Reyes somehow finagled his way into the top three, after starting in the eighth place position. Doing enough to warrant a second overall, was something beyond satisfactory for that of the Reyes camp. They began the season on the right foot, and couldn’t wait for the next national attend, where events like Loretta Lynn’s were on the docket. Welcoming all challengers, he stood tall in the line of fire; causing ammunition of the opposition to ricochet every which way. Now, as he eyes 2021 with hunger like never before seen, Reyes’ appetite and ability to devour will most definitely be relevant when in the discussion of title challengers.