Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Calling Peachtree City, Georgia home, Landon Gibson knows all too well about blossoming fruit in the springtime. Adequate humidity, sunshine, and temperature can produce the ripest of plants from the smallest of seeds; through a process of thorough maintenance and patience, over time. Very similar to that of his skillset aboard the motorcycle, Gibson’s tireless work ethic has prevailed over time; leading him to his presence, this past season, on the national scale. And with that talented aura being attached to his name, many in the industry expected him to deliver, as the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” race, came to fruition. He would do so, and then some; going above and beyond the call of duty, crafting numerous flawless laps by the time the weekend would subside. Practice was an open stage, regarding him displaying the full realm of his aptitude. No matter how tough the roller section, rutted the turn, or large the jump, the KTM rider was plowing forward full steam ahead. Generating nothing but applause from those in his corner, the reiteration from his closest friends and family had his confidence skyrocketing for the likes of the 85cc (9-11) Limited division. Just before he clicked his machine into gear, before the dropping of the gate, Gibson would give his mechanic one final fist bump; indicating that it was time to set sail, onto this wide-open Texas prairie. Foregoing the notion of dust storms or rolling cacti spiraling around the course, Gibson would blast out of the gate; hitting the top of fourth gear before concluding the initial sections of the track. He sat third for a brief while, before getting into a heated battle with Evrett Clarke. The two familiar competitors were all too familiar with each other; doing their best, to outwit the other before sections of tight implications. Although residing in fifth once he crossed the flag for the final time, he understood that he could wipe the slate clean, for that of the last moto. Looking to develop lines, times, and finishes that hadn’t been rectified thus far in the week, Gibson exclaimed authority and aggression when sending the KTM flying out of the gate. The path wasn’t smooth though, en route to his position of finality; registering fourth on lap one before moving forward. Working his way past Jace Wiliams, it was then Seth Dennis who sat in front of him. He was willing to go the extra mile per se, to secure the second place position from the native Floridian. Pushing forward on lap three, Gibson would then have the runner-up position clinched; heading back to Georgia with a second overall bestowed to his name, and a bundle of excitement, as he stormed through the remainder of 2020. Startling both crowd and competition at events like the Winter Olympics, he appears faster than ever as the new season comes upon us. Forecasters of the division believe that his speed is certainly on a path of exponential trajectory, as events come to fruition in the weeks ahead.