Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Throwing a bit of spice into the recipe for success, regarding the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship, the Pepperd clan would make sure everyone in the 85cc division felt their impact in someway; laying out a valiant episode of speed and style, for numerous members of the audience to watch first-hand. Last year’s practice session(s), would be episodes of absolute charismatic flare; launching some of these doubles and step-ups with the bike nearly horizontal, flicking the handlebars with a subtle twisting of the upper body. It appeared effortless for him, and he felt as though he had a lot to unravel, for the races in which he was about to partake in. The first moto of Mini Sr. 1 competition, had him rather far-back in the pack; yet, he dug, extremely deep to rebound and salvage what he could. But man, if you were looking to define the phrase of a “come-back” with a visual performance per se, you most definitely saw a complete explanation of the term with his second moto result. Hovering in the third position since the inception of the race, there was no stopping him as he ran down both Jeremy Fappani and Haiden Deegan. Setting the fastest lap-time in the process, the 1:59 logo he branded on lap number three, sent everyone in the crowd to their feet! Although moves couldn’t be made, the absolute raw speed he showcased signified to everyone just how in-tune he was with the motorcycle. Building from the third-place performance he just crafted, an indication of his speed would yet again be set; this time, in the Mini Sr. 2 division. A 10-6 numerical tally would nestle him into an overall residency of the seventh for this particular episode. With only that of the 85cc (9-13) open class, yet to come. Beginning the quest of the two-motor format with a noteworthy eighth, he looked to rekindle his thought process as he headed to the line for the second race of this distinct set. Focusing like never before, he imagined himself letting all doubt, negativity, and discouraging self-talk go; unleashing a monster, that hadn’t been awoken in quite some time. Shortly thereafter, positivity would radiate from the number thirty-seven machine; pushing speeds that were insurmountable by many behind him. Bunched between that of Drew Adams and Thomas Wood, the three were on pace to display some of the fastest times we’d seen all week; somehow, keeping their composure through the toughest of circumstances. He wouldn’t break, actualizing the fourth-place finish as a whole, gratified in fourth overall. The previously noted overall finish would be a mere stepping stone, regarding his run of totality in 2020. Carving through the toughest of competition, Pepperd’s impact was felt throughout the adjacent pack with a startling wave of authority...a notion he plans to engulf the opposition with while attending the “SPRING A DING DING” championship in the near future.