Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Gordon’s repertoire of skills were on full display for the 2020 championship at Underground last March; when a damp Texas winter would become a bit, “Unthawed”; forcing the track to become rather deep and moist, before any particular wheel-set carving lines on the Lonestar canvas. And with that prior knowledge, Gordon and his team assembled their belongings; developing a package of combatting the elements, venturing onto the racetrack adequately prepared. In an instant, you could see that Gordon was gelling with his rightful Suzuki steed; thriving with a twisting of the throttle, that wasn’t too often found for riders his age. The number 180, was a rider looking to seek and destroy any opposing member of the field who stood in his way; crafting various lines and lap-times, that had many shaking their head in disbelief. He would then transcend into a various array of races, where his first challenge would come in that of the 85cc (9-13) open class. It was here, where a tenth place in the first moto would be registered; yet, he believed he could better that mark substantially if given another chance. And as luck would have it, the field would commence yet again; this time, with Gordon blasting into single-digit territory, launching off the myriad of singles on the race-track and landing on the back-wheel with the power to the ground. Doing his best to warrant a sixth in this particular instance, a ninth overall, was then superbly delegated to him. Next to come, would be the Mini Sr. 1 (12-14) division; where the talent surrounding him would be unbelievable and consumed with numerous contenders of rightful opportunity. The process was then initiated to engrave his name near the front, and he would do so; taking eleventh as the checkered flag would fly. Bettering himself again in the second bout, a ninth place in the final episode of this bracket would miraculously earn him a seventh as all would conclude. His best finish though could be certainly noted in the 85cc (9-12) modified class; where a blistering pace would be set, to begin matters of the first moto. Working his way up from around the fifth place registry, he would do all in his power to garner a top three by the end of lap five. And as a result, the effort was sustained; putting him on the right track, for round number two. Gordon’s ability to sprint would do wonder’s for this last episode; where he and Drew Adams attempted to scurry away from the rest of the field. The tandem would do so, with Gordon having enough attrition to secure the second place ride, tallying a silver medal overall. Now into the 85cc (12-14) classes full-time, Gordon’s prowess yearns to carry-on for the impending championship, set to occur in just a few months.