Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



With the state of Ohio formerly known as a hotbed for motocross talent, Lance Gerard hoped to rekindle the state’s enthusiasm, for the genre that we’ve all come to love. Motorcycle racing and the “Buckeye State” were synonymous with one another for quite some time; regarding a multitude of attributes, that surrounded the sport. The national at Kenworthy’s, was an absolute staple on the professional motocross tour for numerous years. Team’s such as Yamaha of Troy, along with “F&S” Suzuki, filled the pit area at an array of events. Not to mention, riders like Gavin Gracyk, Brock Sellards, Shawn Rife, and Justin Weeks (among dozens of others) calling the state home. However, as things have most certainly changed in this sport over the last decade, new talent has now had the opportunity to emerge for the present day motocross landscape. Enter Lance Gerard, a racer who competed in an array of “C” classes, for that of the 2020 season. He and crew, when creating their calendar and events “to-do,” circled the likes of the “SPRING A DING DING” event with a bold hue; indicating just how much emphasis should be placed on this event. And you could sense the eagerness and enthusiasm overcome the number 629, when he rolled into the starting area. Revving his Yamaha would authority, madness would ensue as he and the fellow members of the envisioned erupted onto the raceway. Racers were going every which way, paying absolutely no attention to the rider’s alongside them; putting Gerard on notice, to stay vigilant as the laps carried on. Bolstering a solid episode of fourth as the first moto of 250 C Limited concluded, he knew that the process could be replicated, for that of the second round of racing action. And as you may have guessed, Gerard would throw caution to the wind; sending the chassis of the 629 machine soaring over the various step-ups, landing with a throttle bursting equation that few others could solve. Again, inheriting the fourth-place ride, his two respective finishes would generate a third overall circumstance. Next to come, was that of the 125 C class; where podium positions were most definitely in his realm of actualization. Battling with the likes of Brennan Schofield and Trevor Burns, the three were in the midst of one another for the greater part of both races. And as a result, third place in the overall scoring sheet would be his. Now looking to take his race-craft to an even further extent, Gerard has seemingly made a rare jump, in today’s racing landscape. Foregoing the intermediate ranks, Lance has dove head-first into the “A” class. Eyeing nothing but cash and a lucrative pro contract, he feels more capable than ever to compete with the best in the nation; looking forward to taking another step, while competing at the “SPRING A DING DING” championship this March.