Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Yearning to unveil all of her hard work in the off-season (in the year of 2019), Stallings and team couldn’t wait to make the trek to Underground for this respective race, in March 2020. The “SPRING A DING DING” had now become a championship of sorts, that was desired by many; an absolute focal point of the industry, as spring came to fruition. She understood that concept, and would use it to her advantage; basking in the pressure, attention, and rightful spotlight garnered, before carrying-on her racing craft throughout a multitude of classes. Qualification went rather well, where extraordinary times would be gleamed across scoring monitors; indicating that her line selection and feverish pace, were two attributes that would most certainly fare her well as matters would run their course. Fast-forwarding then to the first moto of competition, her Husqvarna would set in a pristine manner in front of this daunting backdrop. Numerous signs, sponsorship brands, and immaculate banners would stand tall just behind the starting gate; and there Kyleigh would be, focused in her respective gate, eyeing only the track in front of her. Assembling her thoughts in the moments thereafter, she would immediately shift into third as she drove out of the gate; storming into the first turn with absolutely no regard to what was occurring behind her. Launching through the rollers in the mid-portion of track, as the laps would pass, she could sense that her lead was growing; horizontally catching numerous other competitors as she blitzed down a parallel section of track. Reiterated with confidence by her mechanic, the team would indicate her lead was growing dramatically; with a plethora of hand signals being displayed by the crew, along with messages on the pit-board. The reassurance was something she was thankful for, especially when crossing the line in first, and immediately overwhelmed with positivity by the ones in her corner. The second round was much the same, despite having Mikayla Nielsen once again demonstrating her presence in an outright manner. Nielsen, simply wasn’t letting go without a fight; and continued to hound Stallings throughout the six-lap tenure. Kyleigh meanwhile, would up the ante herself; setting the fastest circuit-time in the process, broadcasting an effort for the ages as she took the checkered flag in stride! A one-one performance was nothing new to that of Stallings; yet, the process of attaining championships was a pattern that wouldn’t ever grow mundane. Continuing that course of action, she would then venture into races like the Winter Olympics, garnering championships under the brightest of lights. Building confidence each time the gate would fall, Stallings plans to demolish the competition at the 2021 “SPRING A DING DING” championship, which appear more prevalent than ever.