Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



The notorious “Hulk” had returned yet again for the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” race at Underground. Although engulfed in a sea of valiant competition, Janik’s fortitude wouldn’t blemish in the slightest, when he rolled to the line for qualification purposes. He knew the track would transform throughout the weekend, therefore he was patient in his quest to lay down a daunting time. He would let the layout seemingly open up before him, watching where riders had accused mishaps and stagnation; making mental notes of all kinds, before the respective sessions concluding. Now with an array of “cheat sheets” engraved within the respective lobes of his racing mentality, he would portray nothing but pure speed and grit once the gate would fall. Although occurring multiple instances of trouble and bad luck, Janik still managed to keep his head held high throughout the week. When things would fall in his rightful manner, you could see that Janik would truly excel; especially, for that of the Mini Sr. 2 class. Although riders in this respective division, were a bit older than he, he understood that any lesson learned would be valuable in the grand scheme of his racing career. Therefore, rather than shying away from forceful opposition, he would welcome the challengers with open arms; ready for whatever variable they would throw at him, contesting with all of his might until the checkered flag was waved. For the falling of the gate in the first moto, the field would amass and swarm the initial left-hander; riders zig-zagging to find a rut to their liking in the meantime. He stayed focused on the ground ahead, never once looking in his peripheral vision to see what was occurring around him. Hitting the multitude of chicanes that intertwined between tremendous Oak trees of the infield, his ability to stay tight on the inside of the curve(s) was imminent in his success and ability to hunker down near the top five. As a result, the seventh place in which he desired, would become a spot of actuality. Creating a swarm of excitement, for the onset moto that was to come in the hours following. For the second go-around, he could sense the likes of Landin Pepperd and Thomas Wood just behind him as matters developed on the race track. Yet, he wasn’t budging in the slightest; continuing to hold strong, as the clock struck zero. And at that aforementioned point in time, he had secured the position of fifth; doing enough to warrant a top-five overall. Fast-forwarding to the present, where Janik is again relishing in success, his 2021 mantra is simple: continue doing what’s been established in the past, as the summit of victory is within an arm’s reach. He possesses the knowledge, due to prior experience, at the Underground facility. Now, when the time comes to load the gate, expect Krystian to be flying at an even higher pace than years previous.