Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



The Yamaha militant of Kaeden Amerine would bring his arsenal of weaponry to that of Underground in full force; reiterating just how much ammunition he possessed, when looking to defend his rightful position on the track. His agenda in 2020, before the Pandemic’s foreclosure of normalcy, was to attain as many titles as possible...and what better way to have started, then at the Underground MX Facility, for the “SPRING A DING DING” championship. Even in practice, a war-like battle cry would be belted; fighting for every inch of track he could muster, to attain a highlighted lap-time on respective scoring monitors. He vowed to do the same for that of racing instances, proceeding to migrate to the gate, once his “dog-tag” had been called. Shifting the transmission into gear, the first operation would be titled, “Schoolboy 2;” and his initial rush toward the finish line seemed to overwhelm much of the foe who attempted to deter him. Registering fourth once all was said and done for the initial bout, had him surging with confidence as events moved forward. Rehydrated and refueled, both tank and glycogen stores had been filled to the brim to combat the elements in which he was about to endure. Yet, after running in the top three for quite some time, a mistake just after the halfway point would push him to that of fourteenth. Yet rather than holding his head in disgust (and still accumulating a noteworthy eighth overall), he used the instance as motivation; in preparation, for the fight that was continuing to loom on the horizon. The 250 B class was up next, and the number thirty-two could be seen flicking his tear-offs over the abundance of step-up jumps in the middle portion of the track. All the while oppositely whipping his swing-arm, you could sense that he was eerily comfortable amongst the chaos that surrounded him. Tallying a seventh to begin matters, even at this point, he knew he could generate a further portion of overall standing. A fifth would be crafted throughout the following six-lap brigade, registering him inside the top five, as this particular division would cease. Last but not least, was that of the 450 B class; where his true talents would flourish, against rivaled heavy machinery. Artillery would then fire from all directions, causing many to crumble with the sounds of engines revving in a three-sixty degree radius. Situated again, inside the top five, a fourth-place would be registered in the opening bout for all to see. Heavily desiring to finish the championship quest on a strong note, an identical performance would be crafted as he rolled through the lush green infield, one last time. Securing fourth to end the 450 B division, would have his confidence at an all-time high. That wave of momentum was rippled throughout the year of 2020, with an astounding performance at Loretta Lynn’s. Moving into the “A” class shortly thereafter, he continued to venture into unbeknownst territory at the Winter Olympics; building a cloud of esteem that will certainly muffle the aspirations of those who oppose him (for 2021).