Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Kniffing’s “Knifing” would have much of the competition in disarray before the gate falling for the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship. When fellow members of the opposition desired clarity, his aggressive antics put everyone at a stand-still; forcing them to halt completely in their tracks and let the Yamaha rider around. It was apparent, even in practice; where one would presume, that matters would be a bit more calm and tranquil. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, especially for that of the number eighty-five machine. Contesting both pro-am classes, Kniffing understood that within this respective prison-yard, also known as Underground, those other competitors were extremely fierce. The competition showed absolutely zero empathy and compassion toward the fellow racer beside them; as they all frantically searched for notoriety in front of hundreds of fans that watched with anticipation. Main events were now a matter of present action; the Open Pro Sport division was the first class to be acquired under the radiant Texas skyline. Bursting into a position of second as matters would begin, he and Branden Walther would immediately begin to go back and forth throughout the opening portions of racing circumstances. Neither were budging in the slightest, racing respectively, but never once letting the other competitor off the hook. Finally, move back into the runner-up ride, a subsequent mishap would force him to “DNF” for this particular instance; yet he knew that he’d come out blazing, for the likes of moto number two. Looking to create a wave that made others stagger, Kniffing’s intentions were clear when heading to the line for the second moto. He wanted to cast out the entirety of his skillset, letting the chips fall as they may, while never relinquishing the twisting of the waffle grip in his right hand. The strategy was bold, yet it would work; hounding that of Seth Hammaker for a prolonged portion of time to begin this rightful quest. Skipping up the dragon’s back on the back straightaway, you could hear the motor revving to the highest extent as he flung the chassis through the air. Categorized as an elite member of this respective class, his staying power proved resilient; granted to an outcome of second, with Jesse Flock trailing him at the stipe. Building off the eleventh overall, up next on the ballot of classes to be conquered, was that of the 250 A class. Oozing with talent throughout the roster, Kniffing established himself quickly in that of fourth place. Holding strong until the bitter end, he yearned to do the same in the second round of action. This time though, he would have to deal with Slade Smith; a competitor giving him fits, throughout this last moto. The two were simultaneously conquering the strenuous layout, scrubbing the daylight’s out of the ant-hills on the far side. Registering fifth, as a result, his overall score would be amassed to a position of the same note as well; feeling rather accomplished, about the performance he displayed while in Texas. Now, venturing into the “A” class realm, Kniffing’s desire to crest the top of the leaderboard remains; albeit in a different class, yet attacking with the familiar, championship mindset.