Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Garnering a reputation that few others in the industry could ever imagine, Kade Nightingale’s presence at the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” event, was certainly noteworthy in all regards. The native of Mounds, Oklahoma, made the trip south in a manner of business; having a rather solemn look and stoic demeanor throughout the weekend, last year. You could sense that although his age still confined him to the (4-6) year old bracket, his veteran-like characteristics transcended him to replicate a present-day professional. And his riding expertise was a reflection of that, absolutely obliterating both track and competition, as the course of the championship went on. Running through a bundle of classes, all three of his 50cc divisions, were opportunities to garner gold medals; and Nightingale vowed before the gate would fall, to do all in his power to attain that. First on the docket, was that of the 51cc (4-6) Limited class; a place where Jaydin Smart was attempting to derail the momentum in which he’d previously generated. Nightingale seemed capable of overtaking Smart, who had the lead in the early going; yet, a bit of mistake would occur on lap three, forcing him to reside second, as he sprinted the finality of the moto. From here on out though, he desired to seek vengeance; pulling hole-shot’s left and right, and leading a surplus of laps throughout the remaining races to conclude the weekend. No matter which specific age bracket, or whom he was racing against, Nightingale gravitated closer and closer to the pinnacle of the field with each passing lap. Win after win would be garnered, placing a bundle of excitement to all in his corner, each time his Cobra machine-generated victory. Doing what was necessary to garner the victory in the aforementioned limited class, the Special Limited and E-Bike Mini circuits were circumstances of championship instances as well. Sweeping the field off their feet, and garnering a hefty sum of gold when leaving the premises. His face would then be plastered all around the amateur circuit, with a label screaming “WANTED” written in bold across the top. Nightingale, at this point, is no longer presumed as a contender. He’s been branded as a dominant force, looking to wreak havoc on the entire 50cc sanctioning body. No matter how large the track, or full the gate, look for Kade to most definitely continue accumulating titles, throughout the coming months of the new year.