Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Although similar to that of Josh Grant (also known as JG33), Jonathan Getz (otherwise referred to as JG22), brought tremendous style and speed to the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” event; located at Underground MX Park, a place where an abundance of airtime and challenging obstacles, provided ample difficulty for all in attendance. Riding the Yamaha machine throughout the depths of the 65cc division(s), allowed him to circulate the facility with jaw-dropping ways of locomotion. His creativity, was out of this world; sweeping drastic curves from one side to the other, crouching in stealth-like fashion around the track. Saving oodles of energy and time in the process would have him feeling extraordinarily confident when he came to the line for the first moto of 65cc (10-11) Limited. Knowing that the angle of the first turn would be compromised as the field dashed off the gate, he understood that a quick-witted jump was necessary when barreling out of the starting line. Putting the machine in an optimal groove, he would bounce and sway from side-to-side when powering through the tremendous roller sections. Yet, his ability to hold strong and continued emphasis on twisting the throttle would have him third by the end of moto number one. The second part of this duplicate course, actually had the twenty-two registered in third for quite some time. However, a bit of mishap would force him to seventh; pushing him to seventh overall, as a result. His overall results then heightened; hitting an ascending spike of sorts, when wading through the depths of other 65cc classes. Yet again, rattling off a third to begin the 65cc (10-11) quest, would counteract his sixth in the second round; providing him with a superb fifth overall, once engines had been silenced. For his last class of the championship, he and fellow combatants would congregate, vying for a chance of strong result in the 65cc open (7-11) class. The loam of early practice rounds had now transformed into decaying ruts; walls, of this Texas soil, crusting over and making the track extremely treacherous for a rider of any skill level. Yet Getz, as you may have guessed, would find an adaptation to confirm; still throwing down surging lap times, throughout the entirety of both races. Sporting not one, but two fifth’s in the overall registry, pushed him to fourth for the conclusion of the event. And with three single-digit run’s being generated, Getz knew that the trip from Florida was worthwhile; creating a streak of legacy that he feels obligated to extend, well into 2021.