Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Although calling Colorado home, John Citrola and team would decide to gather their belongings for a weekend’s stay in the state of Texas. Why were they traveling to the vast territory you ask? For none other than the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship; an event that’s been on the rise for the past few years, and burst to new heights during last year’s racing season. The number 550 KTM looked forward to this particular race, knowing that the canvas of the Underground MX Facility, was one of the most illustrious throughout the country; providing ample elevation change, obstacle differentiation, and soil composition that allowed for an abundance of traction to be warranted. He then would proceed to throw caution to the wayside, while practicing instances were coming to fruition. Vaulting forward throughout the various sweepers in the infield, the KTM was truly shuffling through the entirety of the gearbox; as the extremely wide layout, offered a platform for any sized machine to hit the limits of their throttling harness. Translating his mentality then, to his particular race-craft, he would line the gate for a 250 “A” quest surrounded by absolute savages; riders yearning to make their mark before moving onto the world of professionalism. He welcomed that notion, and proceeded to blister onto the raceway, rummaging inside the top fifteen; and although encountering a bit of traffic during some of the grooved sweepers, his results would escalate as the class continued to elongate. Tabbing a ninth place in the second moto, translated him to eleventh overall; where he looked ahead to the Collegeboy circuit, as a place for podium contention to be warranted. Pushing a feverish pace immediately after trailing only that of Bjorn Viney, Citrola would leap through the infield roller’s in doubling and tripling combinations; paying no attention, to the acute edges and pot-holes that were beginning to develop. He would hold onto the KTM machine with strength, feeling supremely accomplished as he crossed the finish line. Citrola would duplicate the scenario for round number two, except this time, deal with that of Levi Wosick during the middle portion of the moto. With every ounce of his being, he attempted to keep the Floridian behind him; holding to as many inside lines as possible. Yet, the number 339 moved forward and past, on lap number five; pushing Citrola to third, by the time he was escorted off the race-track. However, with the array of scores his opponents constructed behind him, Citrola’s two-three tab would solidify him in second; granting him a sense of accomplishment, and giving him a relic of motivation to intensify his hunger for 2021.