Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



After a storied run through various nationals on the 2020 circuit, Oklahoma’s Jesse Flock built a reputation of elite speed and expertise aboard the motorcycle; sending him bursting into the 2021 realm, with seismic proportions of attention, that had previously never been garnered. Yet, rather than shying away from the limelight; Flock continues to rise to the occasion, putting in wondrous performances at the toughest events around the country. And much was the case at the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” championship at Underground; where a race-track, and racing atmosphere for that matter, would await him like no other. And at that point, upon arrival to the facility, he acknowledged just how much was at stake; understanding that he could set a tone of unprecedented levels if he continued the streak of momentum he previously produced. Floating through the multitude of rollers throughout practice, immediately, the track would begin to be etched with grooves. Standing on the balls of feet, for a vast majority of the circuit, you could sense that his riding style was well-equipped for a track of this difficulty. That thought would then carry into the respective racing format as well; where he darted out from behind the starting gate, and into the war-zone, known as Open Pro Sport. Riders were going rampant in their quest for the checkered flag, sending the chassis soaring to astronomical heights, over the multitude of step-ups in the middle of the track. Doing his best to navigate his chassis into the furthest inside groove, Flock continued to motor around with an outpouring of speed and tenacity; fending off Slade Smith in the meantime. Creating a performance equating to third, the duplicate race of this particular division would be yet another chance to showcase his speed. This time, with Chandler Baker pushing viciously in the rearview, Flock understood that a lapse of throttle twisting would result in a loss of position. Yet again though, he would stand his ground; assembling performance of multiple third place outcomes, strong enough for second overall. 250 A, on the other hand, was a place of equality regarding power output; where every rider in the field, would roughly have a similar engine package to work with. Flock would flourish under this specific rule-set, creating a result of third to begin matters in the two-step ensemble. Looking to further his staying power to an even greater extent in the second coming, Flock would immediately radiate to the presence of Seth Hammaker; a Kawasaki rider who’d been flowing with daunting speed and precision all week. Attempting to mimic the lines of the Pennsylvania combatant, would lead him to the label of second, all the way through the finish line section of rollers and blistering speed. Now well into the professional ranks, look for Flock to accrue numerous notable runnings, for the likes of AMA Supercross and outdoor competition.