Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Knowing “Underground MX” provided a plethora of RPM and speed, Fappani and the team would prepare his respective KTM machines to adapt to the racing surfaces. Configuring numerous sprocket combinations in the process, they seemed to have found a set-up that worked tremendously just before the initiation of practice, when viewing the event in retrospect (from 2020). He would then dart to the opening left-handed turn, keeping the inside leg high as the rear-end of the machine attempted to drift to the right. Adapting his bodyweight to the chassis beneath, they morphed into a simultaneous unit; expecting everything as they crested over these gigantic jumps and corners that were immersed with speed. Hitting the back to back step-up obstacles in the middle of the track, would allow him a chance to breathe; obtaining a plethora of oxygen through the diaphragm, before exploding onto the circuit upon landing. This process was repeated time and time again, preparing him rather well for his first bout of racing; which would be cast, in the 85cc (9-13) open division. Once here, he was welcomed by riders such as Haiden Deegan and Casey Cochran; whom he would lead, for quite some time. Hitting these rut-ridden turns with an abundance of speed, he flew through the apex of the ravine; simply blasting through the depths of the soil, while hitting the green flag in a frontier position for three laps. Although a slight mistake would be made on the last circuit, a third was still garnered, proving that he was more than capable of success in the races to come. The next round of action, had him located in second for quite some time; until the mishap would again strike, and force him to thirteenth. Although attaining a pleasant fifth overall, he knew he could best his overall output substantially, in the forthcoming divisions. The Mini Sr. 2 division, was a place where his results would indicate just how fast he was flying around the Texas circuit; hitting the dragon’s back on the far-side nearly wheel-tapping every last mogul that had been created. Flying into the following left-hander, he could sense that Casey Cochran was on his tail nearing the finish; yet, he would power on. Attaining a fourth, and acquainting the first moto score with a third, in the following bout as well. A bronze medal on the stat sheet would then lead to the Mini Sr. 1 class; where a grotesque platform of competition awaited him. Scrubbing the multitude of singles and ant-hills down the back straightaway, throughout both races, and in particular the second, he knew that many would falter with uncharacteristic mistakes. Yet, his fortitude and staying power allowed him to stay upright; leading to an astonishing “three-two” effort, to conclude the realm of this respective division. Second overall in the record books, had him thriving with confidence, as he and crew would migrate back to their home in Scottsdale. The runner-up in the record book(s), would be a numeral found in a repetitive manner throughout his specific resume. He longs to rekindle that finish for another occurrence in 2021, looking to spike his overall standing to the highest degree.