Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Yet another Yoder would establish his name into the record books, for the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” event. The Honda combatant, sporting a number of ninety-four, resembled that of a slightly older and wiser, Ken Roczen. His craftsmanship when behind these bars, was something of note; the way he could flick the chassis around, handling the frame and steering stem with brute strength. Even during the toughest portions of race-track, where ruts would litter a respective straightaway from front to back, would Yoder power through with relative ease. It would equate to a hint of a grin being hidden beneath his helmet; where he knew, in his arsenal of tricks, that the race’s to come would become a stage for absolute fireworks. Beginning with the Vet Open class, he initiated the process in the fifth-place residency; trying to move forward to the best of his ability. Understanding that time was crucial in the five-lap brigade, his sprinting capabilities were apparent; where he was forced to up the ante if he wanted to hold off Micah Cook. The checkered flag was then waved from the scorer’s canopy, indicating that this specific assembly of athletes, were now forced to conclude this particular moto. As the second moto approached, so too began the process of adrenaline forming once again. He clawed through the uncertainty, disregarding any form of self-doubt as he powered around the Underground circuit; which had gone substantially rougher than his last time out. Once again, the fifth-place position was an opportunity to be had; and although Micah Cook was still knocking at his door, Yoder wouldn’t oblige. He jammed the position shut, throwing away the lock and key, securing the result as he vaulted past the checkered flag. Looking to then better his overall attainment for the Vet 35+ class, Yoder immediately forecasted his presence into the realm of third for the opening moto. Running faster circuit-times in this particular episode, his speed on the track would heighten, as the race went on. It was enough to help him retain the third-place position, through and through; signaling that all systems “were-a-go” for the final episode of the competition. Yoder decided before embarking on this journey of finality, that he would attempt to latch onto Troy Assemany; the KTM rider who’d been in front of him for quite some time throughout the weekend. Remaining relatively close, it would secure his bid for third overall in the process. And as the event would conclude, Yoder and team, gathered their belongings to head west back to Menifee; anxiously awaiting, the championship that again will take place, on March 11, 2021.