Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Sticking to the script of his last name, Jaydin Smart’s expertise on the motorcycle would flourish in front of a packed house, while attending the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” national last March. Although riding 50cc machinery, it was as though Smart could portray veteran-like qualities, when rounding the Underground circuit. The layout in its own right could be one that was on the professional circuit; as it was composed of numerous obstacles and difficult terrain, that even the fastest of big-bike riders had trouble tackling. Yet, somehow, someway, the number four Cobra would find a way to thrive; excelling in every particular sector, putting on a clinic for that of qualification. The precedent he showcased, would then carry-over into racing format(s); where the eighth place in round number two of the 51cc Open class, would push him to new heights. Feeling rather accomplished after the aforementioned result, he knew he had more in the tank; and couldn’t wait to portray an even better result, with the outings of the 51cc (4-6) Limited class. Blazing out of the gate, he would immediately veer to the inside of turn number one; hoping to pinch off the bundle of traffic that resided behind him, scurrying away shortly thereafter. And although he had that of Kade Nightingale all over his rear fender, Smart wouldn’t budge an inch; attaining the lead reign, every time he passed the waving of the flag. The win bolstered his confidence, and have him riding a wave of momentum by the time the gates were loaded for the second moto. Once again, he would meet up with a familiar foe, that of Kade Nightingale. The two would seemingly go at it from start to finish; keeping one another in check, all the while making the Cobra brand extremely proud. Pushing through the deep loam in the section furthest from the start, he would do all in his power to make his way forward; despite starting in ninth position. Yet, rather than duck his head in dismay, he continued to climb forward, lap after lap. Setting the fastest lap in the process (by a daunting six-seconds), would push him into silver medal contention by the time the checkered flag flew. And although he was just short of an overall win, Smart put the entire 50cc division on high alert; demonstrating exceptional talent and speed, that will most definitely blossom in the 2021 season as well.