Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



With the “SPRING A DING DING” championship taking place in March, the platform of competition can truly set the tone for what transpires in the months to follow. This race, attracting some of the fastest talent known to man, would mesh the “Who’s Who” into collaboration, entangling after the gate would fall. And for 2020, it was Jacob Henry, packing his belongings and traveling to that of Texas from the state of New York. Crossing interstates, highways, and even time zones, Jacob and crew were willing to provide the fans of Underground with a real treat; like many in the industry were browsing to scout newfound prospects, throughout the multitude of “C” classes. His respective entry sheet was one of vast array; where four different sanctions of racing would be entered, and his expertise would have to be delegated on eight individual outings. First on the ballot, would be that of the 250 C Jr. (12-17) Limited class; where an opening moto victory would designate a tone of victorious ripple throughout the entirety of the event. However, the lone second-place finish accrued in the box-scoring tab, would then occur; where a mistake on lap two, would hand the lead over to Bryce Lizarraga. Looking to tackle the fellow KTM combatant and ruffle the lead away from his grasp, was to no avail; and Henry would be forced into second, garnering his only runner-up overall finish of the weekend. After that specific instance, however, would be sheer destruction placed upon the entirety of the novice congregation; where six race wins would be rattled off. Lap by lap, Henry would grow accustomed to the lead; scaring many of his opponents off, long before the gate would ever fall. That dictatorship would launch him into unbeknownst territory in the amateur realm; as few riders can say they’ve ever won at that magnitude, at an event of this size. Calm and collected while walking away from the podium, it was as though Henry knew this was coming; predicting this notion many months ago, when he immersed himself in diligent preparation. And once the titles at Underground were garnered, he proceeded to go on a rampant path of destruction. Competition of all kinds would be expunged, leading to a path of victory throughout 2020 that could hardly be replicated. Now into the Intermediate division(s), he hopes to tally the same sort of victory, previously generated.