Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



A natural-born leader by all accounts, Jack Chambers acted as a true rancher while residing in Texas for the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” national. Herding around the fellow members of his class, as if he were a shepherd; many in his category would oblige and follow his orders, almost institutionalized by his presence due to his outright daunting speed. Much was the case for qualification, where he exclaimed his presence when flying through the finish line section. Fans near the stripe would immediately turn around; shaking their heads in disbelief, as the number 102 KTM blitzed by. He aspired to carry that same notion into the racing format; where six different races would be demonstrated. Predominantly though, his overall scores of two opposing classes justified his true skillset when flying around the Texas circuit. To begin matters, he would step forward in the Schoolboy 2 class; doing all he could to hang with the likes of Nate Thrasher and Chance Hymas. Taking a pledge to broadcast one hundred percent effort, no matter the circumstance, Chambers could be found flooring the KTM machine to the highest regard. Ravaging the sweeper just before the rollers, the riders behind him couldn’t seem to fathom just how hard he was gravitating into these corners; translating to a gap that numerous in the pack couldn’t marginalize. Finishing up the moto in third, he would look to do the same for the second bout of the racing tandem; yet this time, his circuit registry would accrue him an even further position up the board. And while he was displayed in second across respective scoring monitors, you could see that his stamina was staying rather true and cemented; not necessarily deviating from one spectrum to the next, in a rampant manner. Residing at the end of the moto in second, his overall accumulation would push him into the silver medal bracket, on the overall podium. His episode in 250 B Limited meanwhile, would be a continuation of the performance previously discussed. Beginning on a rather high note, his start to the first moto was spectacular; excelling to a rightful second place position, and staying all over Levi Kitchen in the process. Throughout six laps, the escapade would rage on; as Chambers was touted second once and for all, looking ahead to this final bout of racing for the weekend. It would come, in the finale of the 250 B Limited division; where a second would be held for quite some time until a devastating mishap would push him to seventh. With only a few short circuits to go, there wasn’t much else to do; so with that seventh, he still managed to a stellar fourth, on the overall stat sheet. Chambers warranted himself as a definite player for that of 2021, with a multitude of noteworthy finishes at the stripe. He seemed to possess every attribute a team manager could desire and looks to enact them in the “A” class, for the forthcoming event.