Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



When rewinding the tape to around this time last year, it was Hunter Yoder who could be found tirelessly working to better his craft. The Californian had a few events, in particular, circled for decimation, including that of the “SPRING A DING DING” championship. His Honda machine appeared in Texas yet again, stellar in all facets when rolling to the line for the inception of practice; not a speckle of dirt on the frame, all the while reflecting this daunting Texas sunlight. He wasn’t just a rider that “looked good” in the pits if you will; but bettering his appearance substantially, with an ever-so-efficient riding style. He was standing as much as possible as numerous sections began to develop immense jarring rollers and pot-holes; keeping the front end high, and hopping over hazardous areas when possible. And although he may not have been the most visually aggressive rider on the circuit, his lap-times reflected something different; forecasting a heap of solid results, in the races to come. Blasting out of the gate and into the speedy first-turn area, his counterparts of the 250 B class weren’t playing around; seemingly going for the throat, in a battle of numerous brands. And just behind that of Levi Kitchen, he understood that if he could sustain the pace of the Yamaha rider; he’d most likely farewell, as the number 147 had become nearly synonymous with strong results. Putting in one solid circuit after another, he would push the Honda just ahead of Florida’s Jack Chambers; hoping to excel even further, from that point forward. Pushing his way into the third to begin the other quest on the ballot, Hunter would jump to that of second place for a brief while. However, Thrasher, Hymas, and Kitchen weren’t playing around; pushing the Honda to fourth, where he continued to thrive despite the track worsening with difficult obstacles. Tallying a four-four once all was said and done, the fourth overall in the 250 would be an appetizer for the devouring of the 450 episode; where he looked to tackle other riders on heavier and more powerful machinery. Residing third for the majority of the first moto, all appeared to be well, until a slight hiccup would deter his chances substantially; as a result, he would be placed in the bracket of fifth. More determined than ever, to leave the state of Texas on a high note. His willpower was on full display for this six-lap tenure, when he would be passed by Kaeden Amerine for a small portion of the moto; however, rather than adhering to the orders of the Yamaha rider, he would rebound, pushing to third before all was said and done! As a result, third overall would be engraved by his name in the record books. And although the latter half of 2020 may have fallen into a bit of disdain, he most certainly appears to long for furthering heights in 2021.