Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Continuing to build on the prowess which he’s garnered thus far in his career, Haiden Deegan’s storied run throughout the amateur ranks would include that of a noteworthy stop at Underground, last year. Scouring the premises for as many championships as possible, he managed to etch his name into the record books of 2020, with finality. Understanding the implications of what all this event involved, he knew that he’d have to ride extraordinary, to acquire the numerical finishes in which he desired. Well, if you know anything about the Deegan clan, then you may have presumed that they could rise to the occasion; and this particular episode of 2020 championship trekking, was no different. After absolutely dismantling the track throughout three particular practice episodes, it was then time to showcase his skills in an all-out “racing” setting. Under this designated ruleset, most in the accompanying crowd would translate their athletic output to hoards of adrenaline; some, becoming rattled when the intense scrutiny would translate to levels that were too much to bear. Deegan, on the other hand, relished in it; proving time and time again, that his mentality on the motorcycle was one of his strongest attributes. Taking a third to begin the respective outing of Mini Sr. 2; a first place in the second round would quickly alleviate any negative discernment that may have been cast across the Deegan camp. From then on out (after securing a notable second overall in the aforementioned circumstance), his expertise would be highlighted for all to see. On all sections of the track, the intricacies of his style would blossom; hitting ruts and bumps of all angles and degree, with efficiency and outright speed. Translating to a daunting two-one effort for Mini Sr. 1, his first championship of the week would then be inherited. However, being the true dominant showman that he is, all signs would lead to apparent positivity for the 85cc (9-13) open brigade. It was here, where no excuses could be made, regarding age or bike modification; leaving only a racer’s skillset, to prove their true worth within these specific parameters. Deegan, as you may have guessed was in rare form; absolutely obliterating berms and rollers of all different shapes and sizes, while throwing monstrous whips when barreling through the air! It was as though these particular races, were spotlights on his true talent; winning another championship, and making his way back to Temecula feeling rather satisfied. The memo for 2021, is to continue building a credentialed resume that no-one can rival. All in aspirations of turning professional, and becoming one of the strongest riders in American motocross history.