Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



An assailant that’s now moved into the Intermediate ranks, just a short year ago, Gavin Towers could be found in the Supermini division(s). And although class, bike size, and even riding technique may slightly differ for 2021, Towers ability to remain imminent with throttle twisting has served him well while adapting to the 250F machine...and knowing the type of preconception he’d established over the past few season’s, Gavin Towers felt that the “SPRING A DING DING” championship was a place to heighten that notion to an even further degree; hoping this round of Texas racing, would lay a foundation for nothing but success in the coming months of 2020. Putting forth an effort in an array of classes, he would even venture into the Schoolboy realm; contesting in the 125 2-stroke division with numerous riders that were older than him. Beginning with that specific escapade, he would initiate the six-lap brigade near the confines of the top ten; jousting with Jackson Craig and Collin Allen in the meantime. Numerous riders in the upper-echelon of rankings were going toe to toe; making it a true spectacle for fans to watch from along the sidelines. Finishing tenth for this particular outing, he would come back with even more aggression and vengeance, in the following episode. Beginning the aforementioned episode in ninth, he was a man on a mission; dive-bombing into torrential ruts, all the while feathering the clutch and keeping the throttle pinned. Towers was doing in all his power at that point, to hold off Benjamin Garib; an act that few could replicate, regardless of their current standing on the track. Yet, Towers immense focus proved him rather capable of this feat; pushing his machine to fifth, equating to an eighth overall. Fast-forwarding to that of Supermini 2 contention, he would enact multiple bouts of superb riding; hitting a route of fifth place to begin festivities, yet knowing he could venture further up the leaderboard in due time. Well, the platform for redemption was just around the corner; and a fourth-place would be garnered, putting him into a rightful fourth overall, as all would cease for this respective division. However, last but not least, would be the classification of Supermini 1; where riders like DiFrancesco, Garib, and Ferry, were awaiting his presence along with the starting gate. A bull-rush of sorts would then transport this respective pack of star-studded athletes into the first few corners; as they dispersed into a variety of sections. Knowing his abilities would hold strong in fifth; with the top five, separated by less than ten seconds in totality. Now believing that leaders were within an arm’s reach, it was time for him to let it all hang-out, for the sanction of the second moto. Bursting out of the gate and into third, he would hound Garib for the longevity of four laps. The persistency was remarkable, forcing Benjamin to let go of the clinching grip; and granting Towers the right, to secure a daunting second overall. He’s continued to prosper while still aboard the Kawasaki saddle, and he looks to surge into the top-three realm yet again for the upcoming “SPRING A DING DING,” classic in March.