Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Leaving the 125cc 2-stroke machine as a now-afterthought, Gage Stine has continued to possess speed garnered aboard the smallest of full-sized machine(s), all the while beginning to push the envelope aboard both 250F, and 450cc chassis respectively. For the 2020 rendition though, of the “SPRING A DING DING” championship, it was Stine competing amongst the best in Schoolboy classes (and 125cc 12-17), only. Gage Stine truly believed that he was capable of winning the event, long before the gate would ever fall in the aforementioned sanctions. This sea of confidence was something that arose years ago through tried and true effort; it was a battle-tested will, that simply wouldn’t take no for an answer. He felt as though if he could give his best effort, that victorious occurrences would become bestowed to his name more often than not; and that act of self-belief was put on a first-hand display, for the likes of the Underground race this year. Sensational throughout practice, he was one of the first riders to lay tire tread on this respective circuit; specifically, on that of a 125cc machine. With soil so deep in spots, many felt as though the 2-stroke would falter with a lack of horsepower; especially, with the wrong pilot dictating how the chassis handled. Yet Stine was assembling laps and lines, that would reap strong dividend in the forthcoming moto’s; obliging to absolutely no counterpart, that chose to step forth on the gate beside him. His first partaking of a class would entail that of the 125cc (12-17) B/C division; where riders on two-strokes, would swarm into the belly of a first turn, being spewed by the dozen’s, spraying roost every which way. Luckily, he would dodge much of the accompanying roost; staying rather clean and sparing his vision, while he raced past the mechanic’s area. Reading the pit-board, he knew exactly where he stood as the race began to dwindle; hearing a faint echo of Brock Walker behind him. Never one to glance over his shoulder, Stine would fare well once all was said and done; tackling the third-place position with all of his might. Much was the case in the second outing as well, where Stine steadily weaseled his way past elite competition; securing the third place ride, with under five minutes to go in the moto. Showing that deterring stamina wasn’t a factor in the slightest, Gage’s expertise would secure the second place ride with certainty. Now for the following episode of racing, the scores of the lucrative moto format could be categorized as outrageous; where a third in his opening heat, would then transform to a sixth for the second round of racing. On the outside looking in, he would decide to go “all-in” for the last particular piece of the action on the track. He would make his way into second, waiting for a mistake from Talon Hawkins to arise. And unfortunately, the Californian would subsequently result in a DNF; pushing the door wide-open for Stine to capture the win in this particular moto as well. A title of a champion was now inherited to his presence; and that specific ideology was a distinction that led him well throughout the midst of 2020. Signing-off on the year as a success, he's eager to move forward to 2021, where an absolute assortment of championships await him.