Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



A continuous national threat, Dunham has tremendously actualized his potential. Capitalizing on his skillset, self-confidence, and the respective race-track beneath his tires, it’s as though he’s flourished in a multitude of athletic atmospheres. Much was the case too, at last year’s “SPRING A DING DING” championship; taking place, at none other than the Underground MX circuit. A relic in all facets, (hence the name of his hometown), Dunham’s residency in “Golden,” Colorado, was ironic, to say the least when he migrated to the town of Kemp. Coincidental in the sense of, that’s exactly what he strove for; the idea of being “Golden” and what comes along with it. The notorious number one plate, the applause from supporters and comrades in the industry, plus the pride of knowing that you were the best rider on that particular day. These were all attributes that filled his mind; and avenues that he hoped to travel down, throughout his stay in Texas. For practice, he focused on hitting his marks with exquisite marksmanship; a sharpshooter in all regard, while he magnified even the smallest of lines and abrupt angles, to sling-shot out of, putting power to the ground in the meantime. Flowing with a harmonious outlook, it was as though nothing could stand in his way, from moving forward to the front of the pack; and he felt more prepared than ever, to take on the challenge at hand. For the 65cc Open class, he knew the elder riders he battled against, would be tough to outclass and outwit; yet, he would attempt anyway, placing one hundred percent effort into his race-craft, to begin this respective showcase of competition. Tallied with finishes just around the top ten, his confidence would be abundantly arising, when venturing into the 65cc (7-9) classes. The modified class was the first to be conquered, and his initial outing of sixth place; was something that could substantially become best, for the second go-around in the following hours. Putting pieces of this racetrack together, as if they were an intricate puzzle, you could sense that his pathways were a bit smoother than the vast majority of riders on the circuit. He felt amplified he would blitz past the finish line; knowing that third place, appeared to be secured. Clinching the third-place spot for the final moto, his overall tally would somehow manage to land him on the final step of the podium once all would cease. Beyond pumped with the aforementioned score, next to come about, was that of the 65cc (7-9) Limited class; a place where stock machinery, was forced upon all members of the congregation. Coming out of the gates swinging, his ride would be heralded as one of the strongest of the weekend; regarding any competitor attending the event! Taking a moto win against a class like this was exceptional, and he deserved every bit of applause he accrued. Reiterating his ability to flourish in the roughest bits of terrain, a fourth in moto two, had him exiting the premises with another, stellar third overall granted to his name. He understands what to expect, now that he’s accustomed to the track in Kemp. Look for his name to be transplanted on the podium, regardless of how many classes he chooses to compete in; for the 2021 race, taking place March 11-13th.