Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Still on mini-cycles at the time, Evan Ferry’s ability to transcend with speed, regardless of engine size, made the Husqvarna brand rather proud for the 2020 “SPRING A DING DING” national. Moving forward from an already-storied amateur career, the young man from Florida has now become a legitimate threat on the national scale. He was a marked man; with numerous riders gunning for the back of his jersey, throughout the weekend while he competed in Texas. This event was arguably one of the “first” in gauging a rider’s speed for the year; seeing who’s been working in the off-season, and whose efforts had been floundering to some degree. The capabilities of his repertoire were endless, and he seemed to adapt to any particular variable this Underground track was throwing at him. Undertaking the task of competing in both Supermini classes, the array of competitors that were attempting to push him aside was truly remarkable. It was then, that he had to remain cemented with staying power; regardless, of who was trying to infiltrate his proximity, taking away a rightful position in which he owned. Pushing forward with absolutely zero skepticism, Ferry would launch into the depths of the first moto in Supermini 1, holding no fear when twisting the throttle. Powering over the fly-away jump in the middle of the circuit, he would take a glance over his shoulder to see who was near; and it would be that of Benjamin Garib. The California native wouldn’t let it rest, yet, Ferry’s foundation wasn’t one to be crumbled. And he would stand rectified, staying in third for the remainder of the sanction. Next to come, was the second moto; and a place for Evan to again establish his staying power. Just behind Garib for this particular instance, the two familiar assassins were going for the jugular; pulling away from many riders behind, in the process. Luckily, Ferry’s pace would allow him to stay upright and unscathed; garnering a fourth on the results sheet, and fourth overall in totality. Supermini 2, was the next class to be warranted; and Ferry would storm out of the gate ahead of Ryder DiFrancesco, making the Kawasaki superstar adapt to his pace this time. Neck and neck they would go, quarreling throughout five laps. Evan would do enough for this particular round though, to hold the pack off; taking a moto win, and setting himself up in a strong manner for the second round. And to wrap up the weekend, Ferry would partake in a three-way battle for the lead; this time, with Daxton Bennick becoming involved as well. Diving into the lead for a brief bit on lap three, the trio would mix to a high degree; resulting in Ferry residing second, once all was said and done. Fast-forwarding to modern-day circumstances, Evan has warranted pure dominance aboard the 125cc 2-stroke; stopping at no less, than the top step of the podium.