Recap, Revision, and Review for 2021. 



Commodore showcased little camaraderie for the race presented by MotoPlayground, this past March. Although as nice as one could be, when walking through the pits, his demeanor on the motorcycle was rather rabid, merciless, and at times, rampant. And with the state of Texas being determined as such a huge landmass, many from the region could say that Underground was a home race; yet, there were those living inside the territory, who had to drive countless hours to attend the one-of-a-kind “SPRING A DING DING” event. Commodore though, hailing from the town of Kemp, truly lived just down the road; knowing this atmosphere like the back of his hand. And the prior knowledge made many who faced him rather uncertain; as they knew his expertise and previous experiences, would play in his favor once the track became rather difficult. That idea wasn’t something that took long to be enacted; with the loam of this Texan soil becoming rather decimated almost immediately throughout his 85 Mod and Supermini practices. And despite the playing field becoming hard to navigate, you could see that Commodore would continue to excel to an even higher regard, as the day went on. It would translate into finishes of notoriety, in both the Supermini and 85cc “C” 9-15 class. Division’s packed full of talent would create rivalry and battle like no other; causing a myriad of fans to flock to the fence line. They cheered with excitement and enthusiasm, especially for that, of the Supermini 2 contest; where Ethan looked to gain substantial experience, against some of the fastest riders in the nation. Holding his own throughout both races, his overall efforts would equate to a superb overall classification of twelfth; putting the field of the 9-15 division on notice, when he fired his engine from behind the starting gate. The previous classes in which he competed, were predecessors of sorts; getting him acclimated to a degree of familiarity with the course. The number sixty-one would defy all odds early on, sprinting to a tremendous pace and into the second position; residing just behind leader Wyatt Storey. Storey’s wayward motion was one that would be hard to contain, yet Commodore felt able to accomplish the task at hand. Fighting extremely hard to register second, his aspirations were then duplicated for round number two. Setting the fastest lap-time of the moto on lap number two, a brilliant 2:05 was showcased for all to see; reeling in the leader of Soucy, in the meantime. Going bar to bar, they would sprint away from the rest of the pack; pushing the envelope to a degree that had been unbeknownst to opposing competitors in the back of the pack. Registering second through the waving of the flag, he would embody this feeling; knowing that he could replicate it, even as he moves into the intermediate class for 2021.